WHAT is an attunement ?

Attunements,  sometimes also called energy  initiations or   empowerments are transmissions of energy  to a person that  makes a transformation to parts of  their  aura (energy body ) Which opens, clears and  connects the recipient to the ability to use the specific functions  which are being attuned  for /to. These energy transmissions can  help a person connect  specific energy functions or meditations or even aspects of themselves.  Attunements  can be done for almost anything because everything is energy. There are a infinite possibilities. Some attunements have more effect and value than others.
Attunements are used in many energy work systems   including Reiki , Malaka Huna , Love stream etc. .  They can give  people the ability  to open to use energies and other functions  which  would take years even decades to develop  the ability to use without attunement .

Attunements are transmitted by people who know how to do them for the specific system or function . This ability to do attunements  is  also often received by attunement . Though until recently most  attunements were done in a spiritual context  and the attuner was likely to be senior in some religion or spiritual or shamanic practice , being able to  do attunements is not an indicator of any particular virtue or spiritual depth or wisdom.
Some attunements involve a surround of  ceremony or ritual. The ones I do are direct transmissions where usually  I connect  into the source of the attuning energies  connect with the recipient  and ground the connection while the attunement occurs .  It is possible to do many  attunements remotely.  The crystal Empowerment  attunements   are some which assist in working with crystals and allow you to do hands on and remote energy work with crystal related  Shakti.

Shakti is often used as a term for any  spiritual energy frequency that can be called in and "run" or used /received  for some spiritual purpose.  They are found in spiritual traditions world wide and functions usually presented in other forms can also be transmitted as shakti.

An Attunement   is a process of energy work that helps you connect to and bring in specific frequencies and functions of spiritual energy. Just as you set a radio to a certain station and put your favorite stations on the automatic favorite channel finder for instant access the attunement gives you access to the particular energy "station" which you can then select and turn on at will. During the attunement, which can only be done with your inner permission and acceptance and if it is in accord with your personal highest good , Any blocks or impediments to your connection with the particular frequencies and functions of the particular system are treated or removed and your energy field is given a connection to the energy source and functions of that particular system . Other chakra and meridian channels or nadi work may also be included in the attunement depending on the particular system and functions of the system to allow you to be a channel and beneficiary of the energies and information of the particular mode  For example.If your brow chakra or   palm chakras   are not already open  they are gently opened if the energy work system or function of the attunement works best with these open.
There are many different ways to do attunemnts. What I do is connect with the source of the energy and connect with the intended recipient and act as a grounding channel for the attunement which flows into you and does what you need to be able to work with the energies I do this by intention many people use a ritual form for attunement but the ritual I use is internal.

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