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Black: the hidden, mystery,  ignorance, absence of  light, opposite of  white, Power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, anonymity, sturdiness  and reliability, unhappiness, depth, style, sadness, remorse, anger,  precision, definition, underground, mourning, death (Western cultures) water, winter, withdrawal, descent, profundity, danger, great difficulty , dignity, aloofness, solitude. dormant state of energy about to begin activity .

Black - corresponds to the Cabala at Binah (or Compassion) and shows a dominion over the underworld, Goddess , receptive, banishment, absorption , destruction of negativity. Color of the Goddess in the Crone aspect. In China, black was considered the color of bruises, therefore a sign of evil and extremely unpopular. yin ,  north, career area.

Black absorbs all other colors. This strengthens  some  types of spiritual work. Scrying and divination can be  enhanced for many people when they  wear  black.  Black surroundings and table cloths help to keep destracting energies in check  so that readings may be more clear. It is the color of hidden power and the strength of the Inner Self.  Black is a controversial color.  On one hand, it speaks with authority and power; on the other hand, despair and mourning. On one hand, it symbolizes evil characters and criminal activities; on the other  hand, constancy, prudence and wisdom.

Black food and flavors include ripe Olives and trufffles and squid ink

Black is a popular color for clothes  across many social levels and occupations from  formal black gowns and tuxedos to simple black dresses , Priestly robes, exotic lingerie , modest work clothes to  black leather jackets . Black clothes are almost every where.  Some wear black to look slimmer, some wear it to look sophisticated and some wear it to be invisible.

Hardly ever seen as a base color in the aura  black is more often a transient  color denoting blockages, hidden issues, and illness. Can indicate   deep and lasting depression, someone who needs rest, peace and healing.  Sometimes the disintegration of the outer layers of the Aura that precedes death is seen as black,  black spots in the aura  are frequently indicators of pending or active illness and disease.

While some interpret  black in the aura as belonging to someone. who is  evil,  has a sick mind,  is  devoid of human warmth or in  sociopaths or as localized in spots in the aura in cases of  potentially of life threatening illness.  This can be true but is not the whole story.
Black may also be seen as an outer  shield or a cloak of  energy surrounding the  true aura  in people who have had lives of severe trauma and emotional distress and who have closed themselves off completely from emotional and energetic interaction with the world. When  these people do  open or break that shell ( usually by having love and compassion get  in and causing   them to recognize their  own ability to love. You may be amazed at the Beauty of the revealed Spirit .

Black is a color that is not used very often in healing  as light but it can assist with grounding. A velvet black texture of dark light  is sometimes used as treatment for extreme pain. Meditation or focus  on black things can promote  the ability to distill matters to their essence and solve problems, help us  come up  new ideas.  and start the creative process, intuitive learning.

There are a number of black stones that are quite useful in healing work.
Black absorbs light  reveals hidden potential solidifying and manifesting , grounding

Smoky Quartz:  grounding, protective, helps dissolve negative states, does  deep cleansing of negative thought forms,  balancing,  can be a valuable meditation stone, release emotional blockages,   helps maintain  protective energy  shields and filters ,
eases  congestion, and  helps  relieve pain in the hands and feet.

Obsidian: reveals the hidden, grounding

Tourmaline:  Schorl (black) protective ,grounding , realigns physical problems involving skeleton and muscles

Hematite:  Healing, grounding, mental attunement and calm. helps with assimilation of needed minerals and energies, supportive, diseases of blood

 Iron:  mental and emotional balance helps one to release old issues and learn from
experience strengthens .

Onyx : grounding and protection , helps align and harmonize the basic self with the High self keeping you grounded and in body while in contact with Source spiritual even while journeying,  Can help with communication with earth deva and your own consciousness of the  nurturing support of the Earth. Helps with concentration and focus on responsibilities. A very good stone for those who tend to "space out" helps with receiving intuitive guidance and interpreting its practical application helps call in needed energies for you. also used for treating health  issues involving  bone marrow ,soft tissue, the feet.  has a reputation for absorbing deflecting negative energies and needs to be cleared often.

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