Blue jeans, blue eyes , blue skies, blueberries , blue whales, blue velvet, blue ribbons ,bluebells , bluebonnets  and of course, the Blues.
    BLUE  is a color of  communication,   pure mind , spirituality and  philosophy.
The fifth chakra,  the throat area, speech, listening, hearing , knowing. truth, serenity peace, tranquility ,honesty, harmony, deep feeling, love, affection, soothing , will power ,self control, solitude, sadness, depression, wisdom, trust, loyalty (true blue)  peace,  calm, stability, harmony, unity, confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order,  technology, appetite suppressant, .spiritual, calm, moody (as in feeling blue), tranquilizer, knowledge.

It has a sobering effect on the mind and  encourages  contemplation, and promotes group unity.

Blue is  neutral and supports   female and male energy equally , Blue  corresponds to the Sephiroth at Chesed (or  Mercy) Relates to the Setting Sun and the Waning Moon,. the "Divine Plan" , Archangel Michael, West, Element Water, 5th (throat) chakra.  Goddess in the Mother aspect, Autumn,  Middle age, sky, Cool to cold. Emotions. Love, Healing, Tranquility. Understanding. Truth. Sincerity, Humanity , global  synchronicity. The traditional color of the European Great Goddess and Divine Wisdom,  yin , energy on the decline, Northeast. Because  the planet  Earth is a water planet blue is a color associated with the planet as a whole  and with Earth healing, written and oral
skills,  guidance and freedom.

    Blue is a natural appetite suppressant  and  is one of the least appetizing colors for food. Many people report being actually repulsed by blue food. This may be an evolved  instinct  because many toxic plants and fruits have a blue color. Sometimes blue food is embraced as  a token of the avant-garde and truly adventurous as in the case of the recent fad for blue potatoes.

     Blue has something for almost everyone, from the sky blue of a warm  summer day, to the intense passionate royal and peacock blues  through deep mysterious indigos. Blue is the most soothing shade of the spectrum and is probably the most common favorite color .

   In  magical use  blue can be used  for harmony in the home and meditation, achieving freedom, tranquilly , peace , patience, communications, honor, health, friendships, dreams, sleep, and creative inspiration.

      Light  blue rooms are said to  increase  productivity and to assist with study and focus.  There are reports that  people retain more information when reading  blue text.  Students may score higher on tests taken in blue surroundings .  Some sport performance such as weightlifting , may be enhanced in blue surroundings. This is  possibly because blue has the effect of  calming people  and of enhancing mental clarity. Blue is also a good color for   bedrooms because of its calming and relaxing qualities   it helps people be receptive to sleep.  Darker shades of blue  can be cold and depressing.

Blue in the aura often indicates a natural healer and can be seen in people in nurturing and or protective careers such as  herbalists, doctors even  police . People who are concerned for the welfare of others often have blue in the emotional body .
Pale  blue shades can indicate  deeply spiritual people  or the  musically or creatively gifted.
Clear rich shades are seen in  intuitive individuals, and those gifted in psychic perceptions. Auras  in which  blue is dominant belong to people with strong personalities, they   may not easily express  deep emotions but  have  patience and deal well with life's problems. Blue in the aura signifies one who is actively engaged in the search for their personal place in the world.

Transient in the aura blue shafts of light may be rising from the heads people in the act of creating or inventing, and when actively working on intuitive awakening and expression.
Lighter blues belong to those who are learning  something . Darker blues tones are found in  the auras of people who are detaching themselves from drama  and are seeking peace in their daily life .
The etheric level of the aura  which is the one nearest the physical body, is often seen as  a blue or blue gray layer or as a grid like duplicate  of the body and its organs and energy pathways in blue lines of  light .

In healing, blue is an all purpose healing color and a  great antiseptic and astringent,   it discourages disease and disharmony ,calms the mind and nerves. It is used for throat conditions, stings, itches and bites, for insomnia, tooth problems and sore eyes.  Blue is good for soothing body, mind and spirit , highly recommended  in case of shock.  ,cooling, calming,  and  protecting, it relaxes the nervous system, helps reduce  fever , inflammation and bleeding,  It is very good for treating  burns,   emotional healing, was used for diseases like  measles, chickenpox and mumps. Blue is excellent for emotional healing of stress and anxiety in moderation as too much can increase depression and apathy in those so inclined , helps reduce and manage "hot" emotions like anger ,  impatience, greed or  jealousy. It can help with self control and  in chaotic situations . Blue can increase depression, tiredness and sorrow, so its use should be observed carefully and darker shades  be used only  moderately.

Light and sky blues are those most often used in healing work often as light or shakti energy or whatever other means is practical.   A focused visualization of either an intense electric blue beam of  light energy or a softer shade  has been used to repair the etheric body and the etheric template by dissolving negative energy forms and reconstructing damaged and missing parts and for  sealing tears in the aura. The exact shade will vary according toned and will usually be guided from spirit.

  ~  Blue ~
Throat Chakra, communication of all kinds using sight ,voice ,color taste ,smell all senses, your thoughts, our ability to express and understand emotions .
here are a few lighter  blue stones that are used in healing work.

Aquamarine:  stimulates healing  improves confidence and the ability to stand fast, helps the flow of communication, stimulates the intellect and  stabilizes the emotions , helps
 connect with the higher self and Spirit, aligns chakras and the energetic system, for self
understanding, compassion,  understanding and tolerance, communication, glands throat teeth , and vision, throat  chakra.

Turquoise :supportive and protective, strengthens the subtle body,  heals the spirit, soothing,  increases contentment,  grounding during  meditation and spiritual activity, used to protect against accidents. a talisman of  strength and protection for astral travel and spiritual journey, A powerful healing stone for emotional, mental and physical problems.

Blue lace agate:  soothes and calms, speeds thought processes, helps one to reach high spiritual awareness and has an inspirational  effect.

Celestite:  dream work lifts  mood  helps throat problems and with spiritual communication.

Sapphire: relaxes and improves the mind balances all aspects of self. Relaxes and improves the mind, balances all aspects of self ,clears infections and wards off negative energies. Used for weight loss and improving muscle tone . Blue sapphire strengthens the bones, increases longevity and helps calm the nerves and emotions. It promotes calm, peace and detachment

Lapis Lazuli: This is also listed with indigo stones ,A  powerful stone, releases stresses, enabling experience of deeper peace,
stimulates the mind and higher understanding ,assists in receiving access to sacred mysteries and understanding them,  expands awareness   energizes the throat and brow chakra , protection, courage .

We will have a separate article on Indigo and hope to expand on the properties and uses of these and other blue stones soon .

Peggy Jentoft  ~Solarraven
Feb. 22, 2002

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