Choosing a Name

People often ask how one chooses or finds a Spirit name, or a Craft name,  or even an internet handle.
The first thing to decide  is what is the name for ? How will it be used? Is this a secret name, a public name, or one for use among a specific group?  Is it a pen name, a stage name, or a business name ? Would you want to read something by , buy something from ,  play with , marry,  follow the directions  of,  or seek advice from someone with that name?

There is no ultimate reference guide for choosing a Magikal name.  You might want to play with some of the Pagan name generators found on the net. Most of these are humorous but they can still help free you from your preconceptions and give you a start to brain storming. 

You can  find your magical  or spiritual  name both from your inner knowing and from your outer awareness. What kind of name are you seeking? You may  have both public and secret names and names known only to a few people .Your chosen  name may be permanent or may change as your life changes.  Be patient, take the time to prepare to find your name. You can meditate and seek guidance and  look for signs and omens .

 These are a few of the things that can be considered when you seek a name .
An important  step  in finding your name is to know yourself. What do you love?
 What calls you? Why are you here on Earth? What are the happiest moments of your life ?
What are your strengths and weeknesses ?
What causes and issues are central to you? What surrounds you?
What events have been most significant in your life  so far?
What omens  are appearing or showing up in your life ?
What animals and  other creatures and beings ,plants, songs, colors , places and natural elements   call to you ? What are your interests and your history personal, family  and cultural? The traditions and deities you follow can provide guidance for you in your search.

When you want to find a Spiritual or magical or craft name one thing to remember is that often the name will choose you . Observe your surroundings and heed your  inner intuitions .  Be patient for the name will find you .

You may feel  guided to seek someone  who will give you a name or help you find one, perhaps a respected elder in your tradition ,or you may find your name as you meditate . You might undertake some form of vision quest or  spiritual journey in which you will receive your name . Look for omens, study everything that calls you, encounter wise folk and spiritual leaders (but do not surrender you will to them) meditate. You might go alone to the forest or other special place and sing out you soul  song that wordless melody that is your essence when  you know your soul song you may find it more easy to recognize your true name.

Allow your name to find you. Watch your environment and read. Observe your  inner self and the world around you. Ask your God/dess/s /guides/ Angels for a  message with your true name.

Here is a rather poetic    magick  name generator  mostly for women though they intended to expand.

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