GREEN: leaves, trees, moss, grass, salads, U.S. money, frogs and iguanas. Green represents   regeneration and growth,  nature,  change, healing,  abundance,  endurance, perseverance, persistence, self-esteem, environment, health, good luck, renewal, youth, vigor, spring, generosity, fertility, jealousy, inexperience, envy, faithful love,  truth, freedom, balance, harmony in nature.

Green  is the color of harmony and balance. Green is made by combining  Blue  with yellow.  Yellow, represents individual will,  blue, represents the Divine will. The tranquil energy of blue melds  with the cheerful creative vitality of yellow. Green is the unification and resolution  point between the physical and rational and the spiritual and intuitive. The beautiful lush emeralds and spring green shades symbolize balance and health . The ugly  sickly shades of green can indicate   opposite qualities such as  illness,  jealousy, pessimism and deceit. Green  can be either a cool or warm shade  depending on the proportion  of blue to yellow . Green has many symbolic  meanings, Nature ,fertility and growth being some of the most universal. It signifies youth, life,  renewal, hope and vigor, wealth, prosperity, accomplishments. and sometimes inexperience.

Green corresponds to the  Sephiroth at Netzach (or Victory). and the fourth, Heart Chakra. Night, Dark Moon, Luck, Stability, Prosperity,  Rebirth,Fertility, North, Earth. Winter, youth (spring and grass greens) and  old age   (pine and dark greens) The everyday world.  Some traditions include green as a Water color as well as  an Earth color. A traditional  color of life, vigor, resurrection, and youth. Christian church vestments are green at Easter.  Green was used  for sedan chairs of minor officials and was  the royal color of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Green is yin shui, and emblematic of the growing phase of energy. east  and family.  Different shades have  a variety of symbolic meanings:   Dark Green is  wealth,  masculine, cool, conservative.   Emerald Green represents  immortality, Olive green  represents peace. The olive green shade ( two parts yellow to one part blue) is specifically attributed to the  area between the solar plexus and the bottom  of the heart  area protecting the heart from below this is the part of the heart center which connects us with our surroundings and helps us to link our consciousness with the world.  It represents the bringing of wisdom into the world. Olive green is associated with things hidden away or disguised.  This green with is associated with new leafs  unfolding, forests,nature, army uniforms and camouflage,  power, authority and leadership. It is the color of the earth mother and it connects us with ancient times.Greenman

 Green is the easiest color on the eye and can help  improve vision. It is a calming color and has a neutral effect on the human  nervous system. green rooms are very restful and the term "green room" is used to designate the area where theatrical and other performers rest and wait during and after performances  (They are not often green anymore though.). Green is  a popular color for rooms  in hospitals and government and medical offices  because it relaxes clients.

People who favor clear green are usually down to earth, reliable, kind and giving, They often have a knack for identifying  and bringing out the best in people. Their  concern for people is genuine and sincere. they make good friends  They tend to value  personal  achievement and are not concerned with   status.

  In the aura  green  dominant ,  indicates   loving, trusting , home and family  oriented people, creative artists, teachers, and those who are really in tune with the  rhythms of nature , adaptable, empathic, enjoys life and comfort, perceptive, altruistic is concerned for the well being  of others. these people  care for humanity as a whole, May do well in   careers as social workers, doctors or teachers, psychologists, or the humanities,
They may not handle personal emotion well and sometimes have difficulty detaching from an intense situation. The very sensitivity to the big picture  may cause them to miss details. Olive, encased in their  own negative emotions, petulant often, not enjoying the now. Transient  Moss  greens, may indicate someone who  is retreating from emotional participation in life because they have been hurt. Green also  appears in the aura when a person is thinking of something beyond himself. It is not a coincidence that environmentally active people are often called greens. Lighter or  lime  green can  mean an inflated ego, and deeper to deceitful nature of a con artist. Yellow green indicates a spontaneous and direct manner, dark green  adaptability.

Green is the basic color of Healing , it is good for almost  any and all healing needs provided the person wants healing.
First choice for  treating   all  heart area issues, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Green balances the emotions,  calms, soothes nervous exhaustion (use in moderation). It stimulates growth and  is good for helping heal broken bones,  Can dramatically assist with easing pain, promotes rapid healing  of all kinds. Green is used during pregnancy and labor because of its soothing and healing properties. Green provides an essential nourishment for the body, the spirit and the heart. Helps the digestive system, relieves tension.It is good for shock and anxiety.

It helps to alleviate headaches and  neuralgia. It  helps control the blood pressure (light green for high blood pressure and dark green for low blood pressure). Green helps with relaxation can be effective for insommnia. It  assists with healing past trauma and eases the impact of troubled  memories.  The Olive green shade can help us to work positively with our emotions, olive is cleansing and disinfectant It can be used to heal and soothe, to regenerate and to gain awareness and understanding of situations. Too much green can deepen depression and social withdrawal in some who are already so inclined. Green is one of the most frequently used colors in healing and in meditations. You can use green as a healing shakti (energy) for all kinds of  healing work.
Some people have taught that Green should not be used in treatment of cancer because of its association with growth. This to me is simply another example of fear thought and  the inability to release limitations. Green is a color of Healing. Healing practitioners should preface any treatment with the intention that it work only for the recipients highest good and wholeness  or some simular variant. This will protect from doing  harm of any kind.  Even were it true that green was bad for cancer it would not do anything at all rather than  do harm.

Green is a healing color  it soothes and heals it will work on any imbalance including cancer.  Probably anyone who thinks it will do harm should not use it  because our thoughts create our reality. When you look at plants growth which is where this limiting idea comes from you will notice that the bright green healthy plants often easily  resist and overcome  the blights, diseases and fungus and even many of the insects that attack them. The green growth benefits the plant not the blights and so it is with disease and imbalance in people too.
Green is  a color of abundance and can be used for work in manifesting  and for weath and prosperity.
Green  also  promotes connection with  nature and spirituality and can help one connect with nature spirits, some  Earth Water and and  plant spirits and information about healing.

Some Green stones used in crystal healing are:

Aventurine is generally thought to be good for skin diseases and improves vitality.
Green Aventurine:  heart balance,  helps easy expression of feelings, balances male female energies, activates and clears the heart, protects against psychic  vampires”, enhances creativity,  and  pioneering spirit, unconditional love and for the heart , lungs ,muscles and emotional  healing. of “heartbreak”

Malachite:  digs out deep feeling,  break unwanted patterns, stimulates physical vision, psychic vision, concentration , lungs, immune system, especially effective with azurite and/or chrysocolla for all healing, relief of  pain , inflammation, protection from negative energies , treat asthma, toothache,  irregular menstrual periods, and improves one's eyesight..

Bloodstone:  green with red flecks for  an active balance of energy and calm ,stimulates emotional growth, benefits the heart and circulation, being in the now, centering and grounding , blood disorders, detoxification.

Amazonite: calms and balances the emotions  and helps throat and lung problems helps calm the emotions and soothes the nerves, helps the throat and heart chakra.

Moss Agate:  supports lungs eases breathing difficulties  and helps release stifled emotions ,  brings in the energy of the natural world. Improves self-esteem, emotional balance, strengthens positive traits.

Peridot:  cleanses the subtle bodies,  motivates growth and needed change, growth, openness. strengthening,  prosperity,  indigestion, heals hurt feelings, helps bruised eyes and repairs damaged relationships.

Emerald: helps you find personal direction  clarity to emotions,  and calm to the heart, successful love, sensitivity and loyalty, opening the heart chakra, clearing negativity
from ones life , abundance, peace, harmony, patience, honesty, for  easing depression, insomnia, peaceful dreams, spiritual healing, breath  improves the intellect and memory , subtle body healing.

Dioptase: clears and stimulates all chakra to a higher level of awareness and action promotes ability  to live in the moment a   very powerful and beautiful soft emerald green stone for spiritual attunement and releasing past life trauma also   for pain relief and cellular healing.

Chrysoprase:  Meditation, mental stability, vitality.

Jade:  fidelity, remembering dreams, inner peace, wisdom, problem solving,
 kidney complaints and bladder trouble.

There are many meditations and visualizations done with green as the dominant color and influence.  Visualizing sitting by  a verdant pool in a forrest clearing is a common meditation for calm and for bringing in ones awarenessof being part of nature.

Please share your experiences with green and green stones.

Peggy Jentoft  ~ Solarraven
Feb 10, 2002

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