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The  Crystal Deva Empowerments 
 A set of attunements for  an all purpose energy work system that enhances work with crystals and enables you to run crystal healing  energies   without having the physical crystal.
Tree of life Crystal grid The Crystal Deva Empowerments include functions for hands on and remote energy work for self and others. This is an all purpose energy work system in which you can run and use crystal energy for healing and personal development and also a system for enhancing your work with crystals.

People who feel or sense energy from crystals in some way will probably derive the most benefit from these attunements.

Once you have been attuned you will always have the ability to use these energies and functions.These Empowerments can be received by remote attunement.
This system contains two different sets of energy work functions.

Some of the functions  are for working with the crystals and others are for working with crystal energy. There are people who use the various healing shakti for healing and other work who do not have actual crystals at all and who really don't feel called to get any ). The shakti can be used hands on , beamed, hands off and remotely.)

Once you have been attuned you will always have the ability to use these energies and functions. 

The specific functions included in these attunements are:

1. Amplification
2. Clearing Shakti
3. Remote, focus, blanket (expand) and group functions
4. Energetic crystal repair
5. Personalize
6. Programming crystal shakti
7. Spiritual connection and High Self shakti
8. Gem Elixir Shakti
9. Rock Wisdom attunement
10. Crystal Deva connection
11. Quartz Crystal Healing Shakti:
12. Crystal meditation shakti
13 Grounding Shakti
14 Automatic tune-up (chakras, meridians and energy body)
15 Crystal Healing Shakti
16. Rock Shakti  ( a set of over twenty five  different crystal energies)
17. Mode Setting ( Giving you the ability to direct the energies for specific purposes)
18. Macros or Sets ( Giving you the ability to create and use sets of energies 
for needed purposes automatically)
19, Earth Blessings attunement

Crystal Deva are the consciousness of the crystals, the spirits,the minds and souls of the stones .They are individual spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of each crystal or stone.
 They are the collective mind of each kind of stone. Crystal Deva are the over lighting essence and unified consciousness of all crystals and stones and all that pertains or relates to stones.

 Crystal Deva are/is a manifestation of the undifferentiated creative source law, rhythm, power, of the universe. They are aware,conscious, energy of the crystals manifesting in a way that enables us to better communicate or understand or at least conceive of what it is they are and how to work with them and the physical form of the rocks crystals and minerals. The Crystal Deva Empowerments come from the Crystal Deva. 

Get This workshop by remote attunement for $40 
Crystal Deva Empowerments $40.00
This workshop by remote attunement for $40 includes e-mailed  PDF of most recent manual.  Specify your  name and time zone to arrange for personalized attunement at a specific time.  You can also request that  the attunements be placed in a "Time Window " which will allow you to call them in at your convenience anytime within the following two weeks.
Some Certified instructors also conduct workshops in person . Fees may vary.  Teaching attunements can be arranged with Peggy Jentoft. 

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Empowerment Workshops by Peggy Jentoft

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