Orange energy and joy mandala
  Oranges, tangerines, carrots, sunshine, safety vests. 

Orange:  It's energy is powerful on both physical  spiritual levels. A combination of red and yellow in equal parts it combines physical, earthly energy with enormous vitality and  stimulates, strengthens the senses,warm to hot. Orange is associated with ideas, warmth, contentment, fruitfulness, warmth and cheer, balance, strength, and physical growth, well-being, prosperity optimism,  joy, and enthusiasm, I FEEL, Orange represents Energy, our ability to  explore life and to express our experiences  and new beginnings. Orange is the color of the second or sacral chakra which governs the  part of the intestine which absorbs energy from food.  nd sexuality and the tribal or community identification. While Orange is primarily  assigned to the Second chakra which governs the Emotional body of the aura, the color   is also sometimes assigned to the mental body and to logical and conceptual functions.  In Huna orange  represents the Air element .

Undiluted Orange is a vivid color often used for safety cones and vests and for hunting clothes because of  the  high visibility which commands attention and so offers protection. Orange shades also give us the color of Autumn leaves a reminder of energy in decline. It has a  broad appeal, in marketing psychology orange is used to make an expensive product seem more affordable and has been used  to indicate that a product is suitable for everyone. orange is a color associated with appetite and is often used in the decoration of restaurants especially those that serve  fast food . A sporty  color that is often used as an accent in athletic  uniforms.

In the aura orange indicates creativity,high aspiration, pride, self sufficient,direct, high minded, restrained, ambitious not warm or sensual, wholesomeness, wants success, confident, strong, generous, creative, artistic, expressive, fullness of experience, urge to achieve  results or success. can indicate  sacrifice,  rides over others,self justified, narrow outlook as it shades to russet..Yellow Orange is joy and   exuberance
Red Orange is relationship, expressed as  desire, passion, and sexuality.

Generally  transient orange in the aura indicates good  health, but can indicate a need to reduce stress. Orange  appears in the aura when an individual is expressing  sincerity and sometimes when they are trying to convince another of something which they  feel  is true. Darker orange often  indicates someone living under extreme pressure,  an overly aggressive personality, or too much time in the public eye.  Example : Politicians
Peach is to orange as pink is to red. Rare as an aura color  Lots of compassion and understanding. In color healing  peach is used to instill peace, truth, and balance.

People who favor orange are often very bold, social and extroverted by nature, confident and independent,enjoy luxuries, learn  well on their own and make good teachers.  They may have issues with bias or impatience, self appreciation is needed to keep emotions open and unblocked.Sometimes they are prone to congested energy and disconnect from emotions. Some are over sensitive and easily hurt. Orange is the  color between red and yellow "orange people" may  struggle inside to balance the intellect  with the passionate emotions so that  their decisions sometimes will be based on one, next on the other.

In healing work, orange is used to raise energy levels, increase immunity,, for all digestive ailments, sexual potency, to help with cramps and spasms, chest and kidney diseases. Orange will have a gentle warming effect if used lightly.  An antidote for depression, loneliness and tiredness. Orange color and food provides vital energetic  supports for   vegetarians.Good for chest conditions, chronic rheumatism and asthma.
It can  recharge the etheric body which is the template for  the physical body. Orange should not be used for too long. It is not a good color  for nervous people or those who are easily over excited or prone to anxiety.

To use orange in healing.  Place an appropriate gemstone or colored cloth over  the chakra or area of need as intuitively guided, or gaze at, visualize  or meditate  on the associated color  sit in or  look at light of the color, hold or gaze on an  appropriate crystal. Colors can be run as shakti. Use an orange scarf or carnelian or tiger eye crystal meditate or visualize with   orange.
 Use Orange for - Kidney problems, constipation, muscular cramps and spasms,  lack of energy, insufficient lactation, skin problems, allergies, repression and inhibition.

 Orange   is a mix of red and  yellow and combines energizing with focussing qualities.  associated with the second chakra and with the flow of  energy and information throughout the entire being  Creativity Artistic expression tribal or group identification  flow
A few orange stones and crystals that are commonly used in healing are:

Carnelian: a stone of vitality, of value in healing, warming and energizing. Protects against being overcome by fear and sorrow, helps physical strength, sexual   energy, love, dispels apathy, used to treat allergies, colds, gall and kidney stones, spine,to heal cuts and   abrasions. Works on  the second chakra, creativity, reproduction,stability.   lower back problems, ease arthritis, female reproductive issues, increases fertility,  encourages curiosity and enthusiasm and is sometimes used to ease the fear of death and allow acceptance of death.A motivation stone for sales people. freedom, independence, adventure and travel.

Orange calcite  encourages potential, uplift the spirit and brings joy, activates creativity, great for physical healing, depression  increasing self esteam  

Copper: Revitalizing, helps fight against restlessness, excitability, lethargy and laziness
Works to instill attributes of optimism, diplomacy, initiative and independence
helps with the  recognition of obstacles in ones spiritual path. Can stabilize blood flow, increases circulation and helps treat arthritis, bursitis and infection

Fire agate: grounding,sexual endeavors. It may also be beneficial in healing problems with the stomach and endocrine system. helps take the edge off intense emotions

Sunstone: reduction of  fear of all kinds,   re-vitalizing  life force energy, mental and emotional clarity, experiencing joy.

Color Field for Meditation on orange

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Please share your experiences with orange and orange stones.

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