dreamcountryFalse Memories and   Evolving  Realities

People sometimes mention having memories of things and events that they know never happened to them, yet which seem as real in their memory as things they can confirm happened. They may remember smoking for several months when they never have smoked . They may recall having a family car that no one else in the family remembers having . More than one person may share the same false memory.

I know many people besides myself who have had this experience of "false " or "alternate" memories . It is probably a much more common experience than we imagine because this is not the sort of thing People in the Rational, empirical cultures tend to discuss.
There are several possible explanations for this phenomenon some of them may set off your "woo woo" meter as being too "twilight Zone" or as being "crazy".

First some of the more mundane possibilities

Some false or phantom memories might even be delusions or an attempt to translate internal and mystical experiences into concrete and explicable structure. Some may be memory of dreams .

Psychologists also have done studies which show that it is quite easy to implant false memories and that particularly in children and people who are susceptible to suggestion may come to accept reports of an event as something that happened to them .
 Then there are some  common "Mystical"  interpretations of the false memory experience. Some of these experiences might be interpreted by some as signs of "mental unstableness" to put it  mildly.  If this concerns you  It is worth  noting that lots of people have this kind of  "memory" and often you will find large numbers of people who share the same "false real" memories. 

Another possible explanation is that these may be may be past life, cellular or collective memories. Some "false memories" may be due to telepathic reception of other peoples experiences. I once received an extremely detailed and real telepathic vision experience of flying in a Wartime British military transport during extremely heavy turbulence so clearly that I remember the experience as intensely as I would had it actually happened to me ( my imagination simply could not have created the details) .

Some people accept the idea that we have a multitude of life possibilities in our path. Some false memories may be the result of our awareness of our possible futures. The directions and possibilities of how our lives unfold depend on our choices. We may become aware of these possible alternate paths contained in premonitions or dreams. in this case the memories might be considered prophetic or advisory. They do not show you a fixed future but possibilities. When they refer to past events that have not occurred in "real life" They may be sort of a reverse prophecy which reveals possibilities and consequences that might have unfolded had you made a different choice at an earlier time.

Some people believe in group souls or soul groups where memories and emotions or information might occasionally be shared among people belonging to a particular group even even though group members may not be aware of each other in real reality at all they may not even all be alive in the physical at the same time .

Many of us have a sense of multidimensional and parallel realities. The Idea is that everything that can happen does happen, or that there are similar universes and realities unfolding along with ours. Theories include the concept that we may possibly exist at the same time on more than one or even many realities or parallel or multidimensional realities .

Whatever reality you are in People/ beings help shape the unfolding of the particular universe /reality stream with their own thoughts and personal will and outcomes unfold not only in accord with a natural pre intended pattern but as effected by the collective will , thought, intention of the collective of all the people animals and beings . If There are multiple possible realities unfolding you may not always remain on the same reality stream. Your thoughts and actions can change your future and you may actually shift to different realty streams that are more in harmony with your evolving path. Sometimes there may be a sudden shift either of a large part of the reality stream or or of a smaller part. There may also be covergences where separate streams come together and merge either temporarily or permanently.

Possible physical proofs of this kind of event are said to include situations where a species long known to be extinct is found alive.

When the reality shifts, or has shifted not only do some people actually sense shifts as fluctuations in energy or even a displaced feeling or even see "change waves" but some people retain memories of these dissolved or separated event streams.

You may find that many people who are 50 or older will admit to having a memory of a time when the hot and cold water faucets were reversed from the currently common directions. They woke up one morning and the faucets had changed from what they remembered ( some have a memory of even more direction type changes corridors they thought were to the left were to the right etc.) . Some people have a memory of the corollas effect being different or differences in weather patterns.

People may see trees that had not been in a location previously for example and have memories of events building and other things that are not part of the current history /memory/ reality. Some people feel that at least some cases of mental disturbance and delusion are caused because a person has shifted to a different reality stream but has retained old memories and has not been able to adapt to their current "place".

More individual memories can sometimes be "confirmed" when you find that you actually have real details about something involving events or things that others you know would normally be expected to remember but do not, for example, ( the year we owned an Edsel) ( the summer you went to Maine ) (when you smoked) you may remember a relative who others say died before you were born. I have had experiences and dreams of multiple and alternate realities all of my life and perhaps it would be wisest to dismiss these as "vivid imagination" however having discovered that this is not an uncommon experience and even on occasion been able to confirm that I had actual knowledge of something that I should not have had were there not some validity to my "false memory" . One of my pieces and a vision of multidimensional realities is on my page and you may also want to look around Reality Shifters/ for some other experiences of this and other similar phenomena.

I am not a physicist I am told that increasingly Quantum physics is embracing theories which support the possibilities of multidimensional reality and reality shifting .

Peggy Jentoft

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