Touquoise mandala ,tranquility meditaion, Union with divine love

 The Color Turquoise,  Blue green and  Aqua,

 Love, healing, generosity, emotion, feeling , the unconscious , intuition, individual responsibility .creativity , communication, self reliance , independence.
This color has more to do with feeling and creative expression than with rational thought.
  These  colors between  green and  blue  the shades of  turquoise, blue green and or aqua  relate to transformation,  evolution, change, sharing, waves,  metamorphosis,  transmutation, the inner teacher, and the spiritual heart or Thymus Chakra, a transpersonal chakra on the hara line (deeper aura level ) about midway between the heart and the throat. This is a chakra which connects us with energies of spiritual love and mystical communion and the Divine or God concept (however you name it ) as teacher and as  Sacred Lover and beloved.  These are shades that admit us to varied realms of  the trans-dimensional, meaning existence beyond time and space. While the most common elemental attribution of this color is to water it is also a color of  air and spirit. Turquoise is associated with ancient civilizations, the New Age and also with  the zodiac sign of Aquarius.  The word aqua means water.  These shades are strongly evocative of the ocean on a clear day especially that of the lovely warm tropical Island seas .This   family of colors  is a color of mystics and telepathy  a symbol of the heavens and of the sea,  of  fluid movement and mutability.

These colors are used in  color meditations, in  forming a connection for communication and general  awareness and  with dolphins, with angels and with elemental,  other dimensional beings and for help journeying into other  realms. A color that promotes higher emotional communication, Self awareness and initiative . In accord with its assignment to Aquarius  and the "new age" . Turquoise on a more mundane level,  corresponds to the modern communication network  satellites, telephones and the internet .
These colors are associated both with ancient and ethnic artistry and with the cutting edge modern techno artistry. From the mosaics of the ancient world,  the aqua clay paint accents  of   Northwest Native American works  to the  rather kitchy "modern " of the fifties, such as  cone shaped  plastic  chairs , and lava lamps, these shades have been used in a startling range of ways.

In the Aura turquoise has not been   common, it  may be seen around  Poets and Mystics,  indicates a person with a seeking mind who is interested in almost everything, some may specialize in research of some kind, usually altruistic ,  to benefit humanity as a whole  analytical, insightful, good  counselors It may become more common as the "new millennium" progresses .
Aquamarine may indicate a  sedentary person, a bit lazy, who may spends a bit  too much time meditating.
Blue Green indicates a dreamy person, emotional, thinker rather than a doer, insight, someone with the perception who sees  possibilities. They  mean well but may presume to know what is right for everyone else.

Transient in the aura when a person  is thinking of ideas and ideals.

In Healing  Turquoise can help to calm hyperactive or hypersensitive people .
Turquoise calms the mind and is cooling to the nervous system. assists  immunity and is one of the colors for throat chakra and communication issues, treats disillusionment and apathy. for  cleansing , breath issues,  physical detox , rebirthing ,  purification , sterilization , transition , pain killer, hearing . It is a powerful cleanser and can be used as an all purpose higher octave color for healing. It can be used to improve the circulation and healing effect of energy in general.

Some stones in this color family

Turquoise: supportive and protective, strengthens the subtle body,  heals the spirit, soothing,  increases contentment,  grounding, use  during  meditation and spiritual activity, used to protect against accidents. a talisman of  strength and protection for astral travel and spiritual journey, A powerful healing stone for emotional, mental and physical problems. hypersensitivity , mental calm ,general meditation

Chrysocolla:  Ease heartache , Earth healing, calming, inner strength. PMS ,menstrual discomfort, relieve allergies, treat  ulcers, digestive problems, arthritis ,  lungs and thyroid, enhances the metabolism. psychic ability, prophetic dreaming, trance,
increase the ability to love, improve home life and strengthen relationships.

  Amazonite : Helps calm the emotions and soothes the nerves, helps the throat and heart chakra,  solar plexus centers, healing. throat, thyroid, nerve and brain conditions
, reduce self damaging behavior, addictions, posture ,increases  clarity and insight. peace and calm,   aligns the physical and astral bodies, a general all purpose healing stone, may help with Motor Neuron disease and other similar progressive diseases ,health maintenance, pinched nerves, spinal difficulties , for bursitis.

Aquamarine:  stimulates the intellect and  stabilizes the emotions , helps  connect with the higher self and Spirit, aligns chakras and the energetic system, for self  understanding, compassion,   understanding and tolerance, communication, glands ,throat ,teeth , and vision, throat  chakra, stimulates healing , improves confidence, and the ability to stand fast, helps communication.


There are many uses for this color and many stones in this  family of colors seem to be coming forward now . Please share your experiences and methods for working with these colors and stones.
  Many meditations can begin with visualizing a pool of Turquoise water to gaze in or  even to imagine  diving into to receive messages from Dolphin and the Ocean Spirits.

Peggy Jentoft

Color Field for meditation on green   Green Turquoise

Color Field for Meditation on blue green  Amazonite

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