electric violet mandala  
 A highly  spiritual energy which  aids meditation, intuition and psychic activities, vision, imagination, intuitiveness , healing, mystic, unify , enchantment,  inspiration , spiritual and healing, deep spiritual understanding, transformation, dignity, self-respect
ritual, magic, mystery, mysticism, regrowth, completion,  renewal, connection to the higher self, transformation, cleansing and purifying, inner guidance, authority, on path,
ethics, celestial light, inner vision,  father energy, master,  leadership, calming

Violet is the color of the 7th chakra,  the crown chakra, or  6th chakra (third eye) depending on the system, sometimes the 6th is given as  indigo and the crown  is purple or white. In ancient times   purple and violet dyes were rare and expensive  to make and purple clothing could only be afforded by the extremely wealthy. Purple came  to be associated with wealth, royalty , power, dignity .

Purple was the color worn in China by the grandsons of the emperor. It's at the ultraviolet end of the spectrum and yin  southeast, northwest, wealth, helpful  people. Cool or warm depending on hue. Purple stands for luxury, wealth, sophistication.  passion, romance, sensitivity, royalty, nobility, ceremony,  transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, cruelty, arrogance, mourning. as well as connection  with your spiritual essence,  reconciliation with emotions, self realization.

    Violet signifies endings , illumination and rebirth. Red Violet is a color of  compassion, universal love and  service to others. Blue Violet is a color of  psychic phenomenon. Meditation on violet shades is used to access  altered states of awareness. A color of spirituality and the Divine. ability to see into the unknown, the super conscious. These are    relatively rare colors in nature, beyond some flowers, berries and grapes there is not a lot common  violet  natural things .

The exact differentiation  between violet and purple is rather difficult to determine. Some people define the redder shades as violet and the more  blue shades as purple but  there are a lot of  blue violets as well . Violet has the shortest wavelength of the colors in the visible spectrum, it vibrates very fast, violet is made from equal parts of Blue and Red.

In the aura Violet is rare, indicates a person who understands  spiritual matters, empathic, receptive to the Higher Self.  Red Violet - Highly driven toward goals with often conflicts with ethics. Stress related. Violets senses the divine but sometimes   needs to change old thought patterns
Some intense violet and "purple people" are so far from grounded they are not really on earth some common sense needs to be developed .Purple appears in the aura with thoughts and desires about  wisdom and spiritual quest The darker the shade, the more intense the thought process.
Lavender may indicate a double life or dishonesty, not usually malicious.
violet is often seen in the aura of healers, spiritual leaders, good doctors and poets.

Violet is a deeply healing and cleansing color, soothes pains in body, mind  and spirit.
 Purple is used  for mental and nervous problems , rheumatism , epilepsy. Helps with pain, is used in deep tissue work and to heal bones, suppresses appetite, can promote inner  peace, good  for migraines, analgesic, stimulates the immune system.
Lavender  helps with spiritual healing ,inner balance, a tranquilizer, promotes sleep. It    energizes, tonic ,rebuilds the energy body template, Overuse can be tiring. Violet
Can be Good for mental and nervous disorders and emotional disturbances.
(some teachers disagree try sparingly at first) maintains   potassium balance, reduces  hunger, Sedates and subdues, Purifies the entire  system, Do not use for  depression  use green or blue.

~ Violet ~ associated with the crown chakra,  Inspiration, .imagination ,empathy and the sense  of service to others  rebalances extremes with in the body
some violet or  purple stones used in crystal healing .

Amethyst :A very useful all purpose healing crystal  and good for meditation calms  and allows higher perception gentle, and powerful protectors against negative energies.   increase common sense, remove unwanted  energies, heal skeletal  disorders, and for hearing problems, for sleep and for headaches while it calms most   people, it can over stimulate  some people such as A.D.D. children also used to help in overcoming  alcoholism, and for psychic opening.

Fluorite:  integrates subtle energies to integrate with normal consciousness ,helps with coordination brings order to chaos , impartiality, discernment and aptitude, increases ability to  concentrate ,and mental clarity ,   stabilization, helps in relationships .

Sugulite: helps with resolving conflict  personal difficulties and  helps group harmony

Iolite increases imagination and intuitive creativity

Lots of people use the mystical image of the  Violet Flame which  represents the light of divine freedom  used in cleansing ,protection and in  meditations  and to burn off karma from other lifetimes.

MAGENTA is a "new age" color it is the promise of the future, exuberant joy a color of Divine love, healing, dissolving  letting go, nurturing and learning, eccentric.
 You may possibly  faintly see magenta  in  pure light  at the bottom of a rainbow, below the violet or at the or above red at the top.  Magenta  is the shade that completes the color  wheel and so indicates the completion and beginning of cycles
a  powerful, complex, deep-rooted and very arresting color. Very intense magenta shades are sometimes  associated with anguish and isolation.and visionery "flashes ".  Some people feel that too much magenta can be somewhat repressiveor too sweet . It is also associated with inspirational thinkers, especially those who live ahead of the time.

There are not many  naturaly magenta stones  and most that might be considered magenta are somewhat subtly colored rather that full out bright stones.  Magenta familiy stones can include  some Lithium and so called lemurian crystals. Some calcite,  rhodalite garnet and even some rubies  can be found with Magenta shadings.  Other stones may have magenta vibration but these would found  on an individual basis Some of the rose and pink stones may  have some members with magenta. Specimins of   Kunzite, Sugulite,   Tourmeline and Amythyst have  been found with magenta tones  for example.

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