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IS It Possible to Get /Do Reiki without an Attunement?
Reiki written in kanji pjentoft.comI have been asked if it is possible to do Reiki without an attunement.
Many people also  think that they can "Self Attune".

 I think that most people who are doing energy work without an attunement are not using Reiki. All of the people I have met so far who thought they were doing Reiki without attunement,  who then got an attunement said  have that their strength and ability to use energy improved dramatically or that they definitely felt a difference after the attunement.

There are many different kinds of energy work. Reiki refers to specific styles of Energy work and healing having their origins in the Work and Practice of Mikao Usui  in Japan. "Reiki" is not a generic term for energy work.

Several Reiki Teachers in addition to myself  sometimes have  spirit prompt them to run a remote attunement  "out of the Blue"  It seems that some of the "self attunements " may involve a transmission from another human.

Several  Reiki  practitioners had told me they thought I already had Reiki when I used the energy methods that had woke naturally in me.  However I felt a real difference after the attunements in the reliability of the flow.
     I was and can still run the original "chi" energies And the crystal
energies that  I used before Reiki  as well as many others subsequently attuned to.
I think definitely that one could get a Reiki attunement directly from spiritual source.    I think it is pretty rare at this time  and does not substitute for the human interaction of some form of formal training and attunement.

  I think that whatever experience Usui Sensei Had on the Mountain might well have included a direct transmission  equivalent to an attunement .  I think that many people  can bring in energies and systems.   I also think that even if someone  thinks they have received a direct transmission of Reiki attunement that they should follow it up with a mundane attunement for confirmation.  

I did receive what was said to be a Reiki Master Attunement  from a Guide before getting the "real world" Master attunement. I now feel that was a legitimate attunement due both to some of the information given  having been confirmed later and because of my experiences after receiving  my first solid world  official Master attunement  in real time and space from real people.

  Other people have also reported being attuned by this  same entity, Tsuji Takamori, though the  information  and methods  they received   differed somewhat from what I was given. I would not have known that genuine information was contained in this without having gotten a mundane Master attunement later and in part because of my shock at getting an attunement and having this kind of  encounter (this was an early one) I was not confident of its reality at first.   

In many channeled systems, the initial recipient is instructed to have the first person they attune re attune them in order  to lock in and ground the system. As for pre attunement I had a very vivid and intense initiation dream set in a Buddhist temple the night before my first Reiki attunement.

One of the Main things that your Solar Angel (companion or Guardian angel) and High self can do to help you is to transmit and connect you with healing energies and information .  People are more likely to  have this kind of experience when they actively work to connect with spirit and universal source.

I have woke to or been attuned to many energies directly as well as those from workshops and classes  and often when hearing of a new system I can call in a sample or even in a few cases have felt that the whole system came in but without a class I cannot confirm that.. There is often a perceivable difference when I have needed to run an energy from a system to which I have not been attuned. These may  come in  like a relay rather than filling me in the same way an attuned to energy often does.

While it may be possible in some cases to receive a Reiki attunement  directly by attunement  or self attunement it is impossible for a person to know for sure  that that is what they have received without having a real time attunement as well. A person who has only  had  spirit channeled Reiki attunement should not consider themselves a Reiki practitioner without considerable confirmation from experienced Reiki  Practitioners and then Only if and when they have practiced and studied the Reiki principles and techniques thoroughly.

Peggy Jentoft

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