Manifesting 2

Is a key to how magic and or prayer works . This is a basic Premise of Huna and of most of the "secret teachings" throughout the world. focusing on the positive is a key to creating the reality that suits you Naturally for the highest good .
Many of the things we call superstitions do often work because they cause attention to be paid to an issue and therefore effect it. This page is for some rituals , procedures, spells, prayers that have been known to be effective .I will start with this procedure for manifesting wealth and abundance I chose this one because it worked for my family. even though we were laughing all the time

 The Basic Popcorn Wealth Ritual,

 Put some popcorn seed in a jar or vase or bowl ,amount is not that important but I would not be stingy . I was told to tie a red ribbon around the container with a nice bow and place it behind under or on the back of the toilet and to activate it with the chant or prayer or .. of your choice that is from your own spiritual tradition, om mani padme hum was suggested to me I used Nam Myo Ho Ren GE Kyo myself a friend said the Lords Prayer another invoked her spirit animal ,said three times that's it. Leave the popcorn seed there, I redo it every so often . You are now symbolically using the water (and "fertilizer") to grow wealth. You may use whole wheat seed or whole grain rice or dried corn seed if you do not have popcorn seed . Do not use popped corn this ritual uses a seed grain as a symbol of abundance .

The popcorn ritual worked dramatically for us even though we were very doubtful when we tried it we were also desperate enough to try it. Our family income more than doubled in  the next 2 years . We have gotten a house and a car. when working  on abundance this way of paying attention and bringing in abundance energy helps a lot.

Reminding the money

 Another fun way to call financial abundance is to always keep your bills face toward you. As you hand your money to a clerk the face on the bill is looking as you think "money knows me and comes to me" or "This money returns to me".

 Growing plants in your house, like ginger a spice plant that was once very precious or other plants especially those with round "coin shaped " leaves and no thorns is a good start energetically.
Many people who have abundance issues to deal with quite often have been conditioned to think that money is bad or opposed to spirituality . Some people also  forget that you must give to receive . Hoarding and greed create stagnation. Fear of lack and paying attention to lack, need and poverty creates more need lack and poverty. Trusting in abundance, appreciating what you have and what others have without coveting it specifically helps to create abundance . It is critically important to examine our attitudes toward bounty not just money directly but all forms of good fortune to discover and clear those blocks that impede us . Being Jealous of others good fortune keeps us in want, being happy for them calls good fortune to you .
Remember when you do any wealth ritual or procedure you must keep your focus on present time fulfillment , be as clear as you can on what your goal and desired outcome is now. Focus on the good feelings and results of the desired manifestation and how it blesses you. not on need or greed or lack or longing .
When you have clarified your goals as much as you can be specific but leave the universe room to bring you something better. Being too narrowly focused can impede the flow. Don't obsess, form your intention to manifest what you plan to call into your life, Love, Money, success, Happiness, whatever good thing. Then having made the intention with whatever ritual, mental affirmation, programmed crystal or other system , let it go release the intention to the Universe and Source And Know that it Is so . Trust that the opportunities for fulfillment are absolute and that they will come to you the path is open . be alert for its arrival but have no worry, what you have called will come.


 guide to manifesting    huna methods of clearing the path

"Dear friends
One year ago I have read on your site the pocorn ritual , I laughed about it but I went immediately to the supermarket and I bought the corn and I put in a jar doing less than a year I doubled my income!! and I received credit from bank that I did not even ask for !!
I said to all people that I know and others are triyng now.........
Thank you very much  !!!
M.... M.....,  Bologna , Italy

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