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Energy Work
by Mara  Jentoft and Peggy Jentoft

    Energy work is a form of   holistic or alternative medicine and  personal practice  in  which energy or life force  from the universe  is used  to  increase personal energy and energetic balance. Adjustments are made to the human energy field  which restore, maintain and improve health and  well being .  Chi is one  word used to designate the personal energy field including magnetic,  electric and other fields which have not yet been defined in Western Scientific terms. Energy work systems exist in most cultures and have been around since the beginning of recorded history. Some other  names for  these personal and universal energies are Ki, Prana, Mana , Axe, Oregone and  bioenergy  even "The Force" as defined by George Lucas in his Star Wars Movies  is a way of describing the energy that surrounds us .
Energy work methods  include Acupuncture , Acupressure , Chi gong ,Tai chi, Reiki, Therapeutic touch,  Huna , Polarity,  and many  "laying on of hands" practices.  Other energy based treatments include crystal healing, Homeopathy and  flower essences .
    Acupuncture uses thin needles inserted at the points where meridian channels cross. Acupressure uses physical pressure on these same points. Chi gong and Tai chi are "soft" martial arts or exercise forms which build up personal chi . Reiki, Therapeutic touch,  Huna and Polarity  are  laying on of hands practices where the practitioner places hands on or near specified energy centers and meridian points and "runs" energy.  Other energy based treatments include crystal healing in which  crystals  and gemstones are used to channel and focus various energy frequencies , Homeopathy  uses very dilute medicines as the energy connection and   flower essences are created by putting  water containing  flowers in bright sunlight the resulting energized water is used to treat emotional issues.

    There are two primary views  of health and wellness. The allopathic theory is that disease and health problems are caused by germs or injury and can be treated entirely with measures such as antibiotics, antiseptics, other medicines  and surgery. This view has been the dominant theory in the last century .
    The Holistic theory points out that humans are not separate from their environment and that disease and wellness derive from the total life condition of the individual. The emotions and events in the life and surroundings and relationships with others contribute to wellness. Disease usually only occurs after  some disturbance to these factors. Disease usually  attacks only when a being is already weakened  for some reason. Trees get blights after being weakened by drought, for example . Rot and disease set in in areas that are already damaged or weakened .
    This theory is returning to acceptance by mainstream medicine  as more evidence that supports this theory is discovered. Psychologists and traditional medical doctors are seeing the relationship between happiness and health.  Traditional Asian medicine techniques  which use holistic methods for diagnosis and treatment are becoming recognized in the West as effective for many conditions including  pain relief and  stress.
   Energy work does not substitute for traditional allopathic medical treatment but supports it and can enhance it . Energy work has repeatedly been shown to be an effective addition to conventional treatment of  physical, mental and emotional conditions .
It is often effective for pain relief, stress reduction and shortening recovery time .

    Energy work is based on the  theory that the Universe is made up of energy  and the  physical  body is surrounded by and permeated by non physical energy fields including but not limited to electric and magnetic fields, radiated heat and  other energy fields that are not perceptible by current science but which may be seen or felt by those who are sensitive to subtle  energies. The fields that are worked with in energy work healing  are part of energy body or human  Aura. Some  believe that such an energy field could not possibly exist, However there are   numerous documented cases of such a force being manipulated. There are cases of people who can walk on fire, 'create' electricity, read minds, sense  impending events, the list is endless. In addition to the ability of humans to perform these  feats there are also scientific grounds for such a force being in  existence. A phenomenon known as Zero Point Energy which suggests that there are   vast quantities of energy to be tapped from atoms in the air and energy between  atoms.

    Energy work is separate from and different than  Spiritual Healing. Spiritual Healing   is based on spiritual or religious traditions and methods  such as Prayer and invoking Gods  or Faith healing . Most kinds of Energy work such as Acupressure, Tai chi, Polarity, and Reiki do not require any  faith or  adherence to any particular  religion  or philosophy  . They will work with or without a spiritual or religious component .  Many energy work practitioners  do also practice spiritual healing and some Spiritual Healers  also consciously practice energy work. Holistic theory considers spiritual health an essential element of complete wellness.

          A basic theory of energy work is  that the energy field, or aura body, contains channels and energy structures through which the life force flows. Different cultures feature different sets of centers for receiving,  dispersing and directing the energies throughout the entire body. The flow of energies could be described as being like streams of light or vibrating pulses.
    The most well known channels are the Chakra and the Meridian systems. The Chakra are often referred to in metaphysical and spiritual work. The meridians are used in acupuncture, chi gong , Reiki and traditional Chinese medicine and are considered the primary  channels for the life force . These channels are not in the physical body but are in the aura . The centers and structures in the energy body may be thought of as metaphors to assist the Practitioner in mentally guiding the energy flow to do the needed work of balancing and repairing the energy body .

        The  holistic  understanding of energy and disease is that usually stresses,  traumas, and emotional reactions  to events in personal life and surroundings can create constrictions and blocks or overloads, tears and such other distortions in the aura. These blocks, constrictions, holdings etc.  if not healed can  in time, manifest as disease and emotional or  mental disturbance and susceptibility to accident.  When the aura is damaged as  the result of  physical injury and  the deformation to the energy structure is not repaired, then illness, injury, or chronic pain may occur in  the physical area or  in an energetically related one. In order to truly heal a physical problem. you must also heal and restore the energy body .

     Using personal energy to treat others can drain a person and leave them feeling weak so Energy practitioners learn ways to draw on frequencies of universal life force to build up a surcharge of energy to use in healing work  or learn how to allow the universal energy to flow through them similar to the way  electricity and phone calls travel  through wires .

 Some ways  to build up a  surcharge include  Yoga,  Tai chi, Chi gong , specialized   breath exercises and  chanting and guided mediation designed for this purpose .
Some energies can be accessed by intention. Many subtle touch systems have people use the ability to intend and imagine to connect with a source of healing energy.  Huna , Therapeutic Touch and other subtle touch systems are activated this way.
Other ways to gain access to healing energies include attunements or transmissions /empowerments .  The  ability to connect with a specific set of energy frequencies is transmitted to you by a teacher of that energy work system. Reiki , Drisana , Love Stream, Tera Mai are among the systems that use attunements.

 People Either learn to do energy work for themselves and others or go to a practitioner of one of the forms available . Typically someone seeking treatment from an energy work practitioner discusses the reasons they wish treatment with the practitioner  and receives an explanation of what to expect from the treatment . People go to energy work practitioners for many reasons some are  seeking improvement in physical or mental and emotional conditions or want  to increase relaxation or hoping to improve  sports performance for example .
Most energy work treatments do not produce instantaneous cures  though minor pain relief such as relieving headache or muscle cramp may take only a few moments . Energy work is intended to restore and maintain energetic balance and treatments are usually repeated daily or weekly for several weeks or longer . Typically the client will be seated on a stool or chair or lie down on a massage table and the practitioner will place their  hands on or near the body in a sequence of  positions for around three to five minutes a position . The client may feel heat or tingling as the treatment is done. Most treatments take around 45 minutes and clients usually report feeling unusually relaxed afterwards.

    Everyone has an energy field. Most people can learn to sense or see this field
  The  Energy  ball  exercise is one way used to learn how to sense the energy field around us.   Begin by  holding your hands a foot or so apart, bringing them slowly towards each other, until you  feel  as though a mass of energy has built up between your hands
This is your personal Chi or energy field . You may feel a tingle.  You may also try scooping motions to collect ambient chi from your surroundings. It may take some practice to feel the energy ball. Some people do not sense energy this way at all. Sometimes people don't feel their own energy ball, but they would feel other people's   because the frequency is slightly different. Energy balls can be used in energy treatment but for the most part the purpose is to familiarize you with your own personal energy.

Anyone  can learn to do energy work. Some attunement methods take only a few moments or a few hours to learn how to  open your energy channels and allow you to run  universal energy through your  hands .

Peggy Jentoft

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