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Reiki & The Explosion of Reiki Varients

When Reiki first began to be taught  in the West there was an emphasis  on the physical and mental  healing aspects of the practice. This was probably what many of  Mrs. Takata's students were initially more interested in  and  there may have been a difficulty conveying spiritual and esoteric concepts cross culturally.   Over time, Some Reiki Practitioners and  and teachers in the West had come to feel that  Reiki as they had been taught was incomplete and they began to seek  for what they felt were the "missing" elements of Reiki.

    Some of these people  channeled  new  symbols, practices and alternate histories of Reiki and incorporated these along with some elements of other philosophies, energy work, and spiritual practices into their   Reiki classes and later some people   organized  these changes as " new " or "advanced" Reiki forms  Such as Tera Mai  and Karuna  and time has passed the number of these and the techniques  they incorporate has become quite numerous.

 We often  tend to put  limits on Reiki or other energy work systems  not fully exploring their  scope.   Reiki is a doorway to a vast array of energy functions and frequencies well beyond the few usually mentioned,  My experienceis that  all of the functions "added" by the advanced Reiki variants can in fact be called on with just the traditional three levels of Reiki .

    I  had a background  of around thirty years of  Buddhist practice and study  before  encountering  Reiki as a energy healing modality.  When I received the second degree attunement  I discovered that  the  mysterious symbols  were for the most part familiar  terms used in the Esoteric  Buddhist traditions  I had practiced  and studied. The use of each Reiki symbol  corresponded somewhat to possible  meanings of the term  directly.
There are around 12,000 different sect of Buddhism and  these terms are not reference in all of them. Because I related the symbol names with those properties  of familiar Buddhist terms I accepted as a given  the unlimited potential  of The basic Reiki system.  Both the  first symbol ( Cho Ku Rei) and the forth symbol ( Dai Ku Myo or Dai Ko Myo)  can be considered to contain the idea of total access to all energy functions and spiritual laws and rhythms.

The Cho ku Rei as a Mystical concept is concerned with the  organization , structure and functioning of the universal reality and the Dai Ku Myo is related to the spiritual essence and totality of all spirituality and  enlightenment.

This interpretation  may indeed seem or be  as radical and personal as  many of the Reiki variants.  I found that I could in fact access  the functions  taught in Reiki variants and well as many others.  I did  then get attuned  to several  variant  systems to compare functions.  You might call this section "My" Reiki variant. it does not involve any new symbols,  just some ways to call on and work with the Reiki as a truly universal system . Some other systems do have specific functions and shakti and attunements for some of these functions .

Not every one does sense subtle energy  and  sometimes people  will  need to do some  preparation  such as energy body  clearing,  nadi strand opening  etc. before some functions are sensed. You  find that you can work very intuitively and if you think of a function or feature  you need,  act as if you have it. You will find that in many cases you do. Sometimes  if you do not initially it will come in later.

The resource of Reiki represented by Cho Ku Rei and the Dai Ku Myo are far more sophisticated and complete in range than most people realize . While for general healing one is encouraged to allow the Reiki to flow  without direction or to follow intuitive prompting  For more spiritual work you may find it considerably  more effective to ask that the Reiki work on the concern or purpose  You also may find that with some of the more spiritually oriented Goals  you must in effect give the Reiki permission to work on them for you   that is your free will and intention need to be engaged for  many elements of continuing spiritual evolution .
You can use Reiki  to work on many issues  using the functions represented by the Cho ku Rei and the Dai Ku myo  you  can Work on removing blocks in  the subtle bodies, open energy channels , balance male /female polarity, use Reiki to deepen meditation, for mental clarity, to  increase intuition. Increase your  ability to give and receive love, activate and harmonize your spiritual channels and connection and all the chakra including the soulstar and earthstar to build your "bridge of light  the connection to source, Accelerate personality/soul fusion, increase soul awareness and sensitize the brain to the energy of the soul.
Work on one chakra or chakra petal or issue  at a time to release blocked energy on etheric, emotional and mental levels .
Run reiki for personality integration, work on personality and soul fusion . for self and others.  Ask to  stabilize any positive change that has been produced by other treatment.

Run the shakti assist you in experiencing states where the mind transcends all dimensions of reality.
To  become aware of your soul energy and purpose and or the cosmic planes.
to heal, treat and repair individual aura layers.
Increase depth breadth and ease of meditation.
assist you in reaching higher levels of meditation
Develop,  instill  and  awaken inner qualities like compassion, ability to love,  serenity , courage, faith , Joy ,zest

Detoxification Run Reiki to clear and release energetic toxins  . Drink lots of water when using a detoxification function or shakti . These do seem to have physical effects  use  for  short periods say 10 minutes  and  usually there is no need to use amplification with this.

The fundamental rule for using all non standard function and variant functions is that if there is something you want to do  intend to do it If you wish you may use a symbol or mantra from any of the variants but it is probably more effective (imo) to simply intend to activate a function with a mental  command / request in your own language .
The Operating system functions which are included in the Reiki attunement if you have chosen to receive these functions of Full spectrum energy work  will increase the  ease and breadth of using   Reiki and any energy  you have or get later .

The Expanded Reiki Master Attunement I pass includes the use of any function  from any Reiki variant  I can use including the ability to attune for them  provided the recipient wishes to receive these . ( These functions are attuned for simply by intending to do so during the  direct transmission of the attunement). My belief and  experience is that all the functions are included in the direct intention attunement and that attuning for the Variant forms is somewhat redundant  but I do that to ensure that people who wish to practice a variant in a more traditional way may do so. I will probably in the future just give information about activating the functions for given purposes  directly in my expansion segment and  stop going into detail about variants that I personally find redundant.
I have been  Attuned to so  many  Reiki variants that I cannot possibly even list all of them
I actually had a computer crash  and lost my attunement Dairy so I don't even have a list of all of them anymore .  Some of these systems I was trained in, most I received the attunement  in trade for attunements from me for the operating system functions. I do not often use the functions of the separate Reiki variants myself  finding that  The functions are included in the basic Reiki and operating system functions .

Several   Variants were actually developed by former students of mine . The Variants  functions definitely  include Karuna -Ki ,Tera Mai , Lightarian , Magnussa Phoenix, gemstone , Menchos, Unlimited , Full spectrum  and so many that I have forgotten them all/ Also Seichim which I do not feel is actually a Reiki Variant but is another system that has  been influenced and defined with information from the Reiki and with the expanded functions  of the operating  system functions of Reiki .

 So as a general rule  If there is a Reiki variant function or symbol you want to use  just try to use it and it will virtually always come in for you.  You may wish to experiment by asking   by purpose desires  and also by the system or symbol  Given a choice of several functions or shakti that serve the same purpose  you should automatically activate the one ( or combination) that is most effective for the purpose provided your intention is broad enough to allow this
There are three principle reasons that  these functions can be  included with the Reiki Master attunement . I have been attuned to the Master level of the  Reiki variant , I am experienced with an Energy work operating system which allows for the integration of most energy work systems and most importantly   The  elements provided by the Reiki variants were never  actually missing in the first place.  The variant systems that have been channeled by many different people assist them in doing the clearing and connection  with elements that have not usually been taught in the basic Western Reiki system . but which were in fact already contained in the functions of that system . The additional symbols which have been channeled  act as tools for people who  had expected symbols or are more comfortable with a visual symbol . You may  use the  symbols or  direct intention  which is my preference. On occasion using a particular  advanced energy function from any energy system tradition or variant may first require some additional preparation of the energy body clearing of blockages  ,maturing of spiritual evolution  and so forth, in these cases  the intention to work in that area will initiate the natural process of preparation to be ready to work in that way  All Functions are Safe guarded and will not activate if it is unsafe  or inappropriate.

Several of the most popular Reiki variants use the same symbols though they may have different names or functions Many  Karuna (trademarked to William Rand ) Tera Mai (Kathleen Milner ) and Raku Kai all derived from the same source.
I am not going to go into a lot of detail about the variants. I include a small amount of information about Seichim and Karuna Ki which are the most common Reiki or Reiki like systems  you will encounter most other  variants are just expansions and offshoots  of these.   While many of these have interesting and useful techniques You will usually find that when you are open to the potential in Reiki you do not require new variant systems .

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