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          People often want help  with protection. This  may be  for  protection from psychic attack,  physical danger,  emotional distress, oversensitivity, empathic reception, negative energies or from disease as well as other possible reasons.   There are vast  numbers of stones, spells, spiritual techniques, energy work, and filters and  shields that can be used for protection.

 Protection  is  aided and  enhanced by the ongoing process of  cleansing and clearing your energy body and by developing your  mental ,emotional  and spiritual integrity.  When you work to heal yourself  this will help  prevent reoccurrence  of  difficulties  from whatever cause.  Ones own fear of  psychic attack is usually far more harmful than actual attack. Fear is a primary attractant  to all forms of possible psychic danger.

I usually  distinguish between actual psychic attack and a kind of background negativity or reaction negativity which is very common but usually does not comprise true attack and is often  amplified by the receiver.  I do think that everyone needs to learn to have boundaries and a  moderate protective  shield or  filter as a routine. That is part of normal spiritual hygiene and is usually enough to provide shelter from the kind of frequent perceived assault of background negativity.

 It is also of value particularly when you are doing work with people who do have concerns and issues with  psychic attack or feel vulnerable to such effects  to have some idea of how to throw up a major protection  though maintaining such a total shield all the time as many do is often harmful because these total protective shields can  block reception of needed information and energies as well.

 Actual determined all out psychic attack is far less common than many think it is.  Major defenses are often used inappropriately.   It is true that attention attracts energy and paying attention to attack and fear of any kind can draw it to you.  Even then ones relationship to events will be different in accord with ones personal  spiritual balance.

One concern people who are doing energy  healing work often have is  about the potential for picking up negative energies through empathy or from clients.   Properly done healing work will have built in safe guards against this, so long as the practitioner  remains neutral in the sense of  not using their own energy or trying to force specific results.

When it comes to energetically protecting oneself from physical danger  these techniques can and do help, but they  do not eliminate the need for normal common sense precautions. When a person deliberately places themselves in harms way  they may indeed attract trouble.  ( Don't walk down a dark alley,  in a bad neighborhood, at midnight, wearing  a mink coat and diamonds, and get mad at God /Goddess if you get mugged).

Part of protecting ourselves involves basic spiritual hygiene, working to remove energetic blocks, repair aura damage, remove implants and entities,  general practice of clearing and  balancing  your aura and chakras  and   staying   grounded will help   prevent susceptibility  to and  harm  from the influence of energies ,emotions and   even psychic  attack from others,  deliberate or    unintentional from people and non physical entities.
Whether such influences or entities  are imaginary or real in a specific case is usually  moot. Most methods of  protective work are still usable whether the negative energy is from external or internal sources.

 Light is used for protection.  Spiritual shakti (energy) ,invoking angels and/ or other protective  forces are among the most common protective methods.
Crystals can be contracted with  to  bring in and help  amplify spiritual light and energy.  Another form of  light  people  often call on is the violet  flame of Saint Germane for protection and evaporating negative attachments. Always ask your  Solar / Companion Angel ( also called guardian angel) for help with protection, you will receive  it.  If you do not like the term Angel use another. (Sometimes part of your life lesson is that  you have the ability to deal with issues of  protection, in which case the angelic protection  will remain as back up rather than being overt).

 The more you attune with spirit and move in accord  with your own Soul  purpose the less need for protections you will have.  These methods do not  require you to practice or believe in any particular  faith or path.

If you have been attuned to an energy work system You can use that  shakti such as Quartz shakti, The crystal healing shakti, Reiki ,etc..   Some energy work systems do have specific shakti and procedures  for protection.

Without  attunement to an energy system you can call on White ,Golden or rainbow light  or other energy  to fill  your aura and   form a protective bubble, filter or force field  around you.  Some of us use the very Star Trekish  (mental) command "shields Up!"  Having a gesture or movement  or mental image  that is used as a trigger for your protective technique often increases  a persons ability to focus and create a shield or filter.  One  such movement  is to hold the index finger and thumb of each hand together and visualize yourself in a  strong white sphere/egg.  Another gesture activation
 is to place your hands palms outward , thumbs and  index fingers  together forming a triangle.  Mental  imagery or a small gesture such as tapping your  wrist  or rubbing your index finger  knuckle as though activating a shield with a button are less  obvious.  A typical mental visualization is of an  image glowing bubble of light surrounding you.  Or you can visualiize  a Teflon bubble shield.
 I feel that it is better to intend that negative energy be transformed to positive energy such as by being  sent to the earth for clearing  and purifying before it is returned to its owner and do not usually recommend mirror shields.  I often use a mental image of negative energy hitting my shields and converting to positive or being teleported to a cleansing entity before being returned . This applies to personal energy  as well as that from others.
We often need more protection from our own programs of self sabotage than from external or psychic forces.

 You can create a Macro set of shakti and imagery for  instant on protection . Macros may run faster and  more weakly than conscious energy work but you can   run conscious energy work in combination with macros and programs . If you do not have access to energy  macros you  can still practice your protective method  so that you can activate it automatically.

  I usually recommend filters rather than shields as a protective method.  Filters  will not  inadvertently block needed energy and information. Some people build such strong defensive shields that they close out  needed information and so may put themselves at more than normal risk because they are not open to be aware of the signals around them.   The need for protection can be overemphasized.  The  best protection in   the spiritual and psychic sense  is to develop your intuition and personal spiritual  strength and  then you will not be vulnerable.

  I have found that rather than shields and filters the light of transformation is  often the best  protection, in this method one  brings light into ones body  from the Earth and the Heavens and expands it into a radiant rainbow filling it   with your own heart light and expanding into a sphere around you any   negative energy will be transformed into  love and healing.

 There are really a great many stones that are used for protection.  Clear quartz can be programmed for any kind of protective work.  Smoky quartz is often carried as a protective stone other stones used  for  General   Protection include Turquoise, Lapis  Lazuli, fluorite, chiastolite, jet, onyx ,prehnite, shark tooth , malachite, black tourmaline, obsidian, coal black and red stones in general.  Garnet ,  Agates, jade  and sard are also protective stones of  note.
You might also seek out stones relating to the specific area  where you desire protection. Protection from sprained ankles might be better assisted by a stone working for strength and agility rather than one  that protects from psychic attacks, though some, Obsidian might help with either of these goals.

Your birthstones whatever their general  properties are, will be  protective for you. To  dissolve Negativity & Psychic defense you can  use   black tourmaline, lapis, labradorite. Physical  Protection: apache tears, jet , rutilated  quartz , coral,  holey stones, stones with natural  holes are also considered protective.
 Not a stone,  but because horn, antlers , shells and   the like are often included in stone properties  lists  I'll mention that naturally shed cats claws are a classic protective token.

 For personal protection you can  carry  some stones in a pocket or pouch or wearing a protective stone  in jewelry   .You can also use  these and other protective stones in your house  and in grids dedicated to protection for yourself and others .
 Select your stones for protection and commune with them so that you know it is appropriate to work for them for protection . Set the intention that these are your protective stones.   Always start with cleared and fully energized stones  and clear stones used in protective work often.   You may want to change protective stones frequently to give them a rest. Some stones repel or dissolve negative energy others absorb and or neutralize it  but they should all be cleared and thanked often for helping bring in the energies and helping you with protection.

Spells and similar work such as  the use of talismans and amulets is primarily a means of  assisting  us in focusing our  affirmations and  intentions and in harmonizing with the natural rhythm of the Universe. There are a vast number of herbs  and color and other tools and correspondences used for protective work. The clarity of your focus is more important than the tool you work with.

Here is an  example of an affirmation or spell that many people  have found to be effective.

I, (your name here)  command all and any forces and entities,  beneficial or not,  to cease and desist from sending me  physical, emotional and spiritual feelings and pain  from any other entity,  human or otherwise,  from this moment on, for now and forever. Unless I choose otherwise. So be it.  

 The BEST psychic shield is to strengthen your own energy body.
To work consciously to heal and strengthen your own chakra, meridians and aura on all levels and to learn  to run  energy through your entire body of light.  When you are mentally emotionaly and spiritually whole and in tune with your soul purpose and the  natural flow of the universal Rhythms you are safe from all psychic harm.

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