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  Visualization and crystals

Everyone can visualize to some degree. Some people  interpret their experiences largely in visual terms, others are  inclined to relate experiences  to sounds or feelings or stories. Whether or not  you are able  to see  a full blown image or a dim outline or nothing at all, visualization exercises can help with meditation, spiritual realization and creativity. Visualization does not mean that you have to see the things in your minds eye  just that you  in some way pay attention to these ideas with intention.

Whatever your  preferred  sense and  form of focused clarity is, you can use that to help you   When  you do not  see something, you can  tell your self a story,  just feel and sense  the concepts of the visualization in whatever way you are comfortable with.   Many true visions  are very brief,  an instant's glimpse of a Buddha,  a single instant of  realization about something , a feeling like being wrapped in loving arms or the sound of celestial song. These experiences  can be as complete and successful a visualization  as someone's three day  meditation journey through the galactic planes.

People who think that they  cannot  visualize  may be trying too hard or using a too limited definition of visualization.   Relax and rather than trying to force a visualization just  let it happen or not by itself. Do not attach any merit to success  or feel disappointed in yourself  if  a visual image does not come.  Do not judge yourself  against the experiences that someone else reports every one has different ways of experiencing and clarifying their experience .
Some books recommend that  you practice with seeing very simple geometric forms such as a star or square in the center of your head but most people actually find it easier to remember  a more complex image. People who tell us that they never visualize are often able to recall a favorite holiday  or  childhood memory in great detail  which to me indicates that they can visualize after all.

We probably need a less single sense centered word for what we mean when we discuss visualization.  Whatever senses predominate  as  you imagine and learn  the  things learned  to be learned from visualization can be reachable for you .

The most frequently encountered  visualizations are often   relatively simple ones  done for grounding or healing or connecting with spiritual source or for protection.
Examples of  these include seeing yourself surrounded by Golden, White, Violet or  Rainbow light , or being showered or bathed  in the same light. Seeing a shield or filter around your entire aura. Visualizing a cord or tube  of light dropped from your central channel into the Earth's core  to connect you with the Earth and allow you to share and release energies.  Imagining beaming healing energy from your hands or heart, or creating a ball of energy between your hands , releasing and removing negative forms  , imagining a ball or space inside your head during some kind of meditations are also kinds of visualization . More complex visualizations  may involve imagining images in front of you or even  be very elaborate journeys and structures of thought and feeling .

Another common visualization form is used in treating illness  where you may imagine and focus on having a whole and healthy system ,  or dissolve disease elements  or visualize angels or other beings of light treating you  Or even imagine traveling into your body and making  needed repairs. Visualization is also an important part of  manifestation  procedures and vitalizes prayer. Lack of visual sharpness and vividness in visualization is not as important as having a positive mental position.

Many different crystals are used for assisting with visualization  so there is an abundance of riches,  in fact to me it almost seems like all stones promote visualization in some way.  It seems like almost every time I pick up a rock I get some kind of image or feeling  or other sensory input. I am a visualize as well as a feeler, hearer, taster, and smeller though there are times when I draw a blank especially when I feel like people expect me to "perform". But that's just probably another example of trying too hard.

First off just relax and allow, don't be hung up on results and don't have expectations .

 Some stones specifically   mentioned in lists as assisting with visualization include
Moss agate,  yellow stones, purple stones, quartz, (of course) amethyst, Danburite, blue stones, pink stones , clear stones, green stones , smoky and black stones  and rainbow colored stones.  I am not kidding,  in other words if it helps you  see, smell, hear,  feel some sensation,  in any way  as you do a "visualization " then for you that stone is a visualization stone.

 Many of the  stones and quartz  forms can help you with a particular kind of visualization, journey or meditation.  A Dolphin crystal may give you thoughts  songs , feelings and/or  visuals about the Ocean and the beings and wisdom held therein for example .  Other crystals may have you thinking about Atlantis, Fairies, healing  or even computer workings or trees. The possibilities are unlimited.

 A plain quartz crystal,  wand crystal or other stone selected to help with visualization  can be held or kept near  to facilitate these visualizations or meditations.

Start from a basic calm and quiet  meditative state .

You may simply choose a stone that calls you and go where it takes you as you meditate . Some people who are not confident of their ability to meditate or visualize find that if they deliberately set out  to imagine or "make up" a story while focusing on the crystal they may have some very real insights . You might like to write these experiences down because   others may find them  useful launching points . Some visualizations are very simple  and others encompass  major journeys . The brief ones are usually intended to bring you in contact  with spirit and to work on a single issue or to help you prepare for  further work  on spiritual evolution or healing.

Heart of the Sun
This does not use crystals but one can be  used to enhance the visualization many people program a crystal  to assist with this meditation.
Imagine yourself inside the Heart chakra of the Sun.  Maintain the visualization for five to 15  minutes This common meditation can occasionally be rather disorienting or result  in some lightheadedness  at first but this rare  effect will dissipate  quickly don't expect any particular effect or result but this can be a profoundly transforming  practice when used regularly.  Some traditions use this in the morning as their  basic wake up these may have you only hold the awareness for a moment or two.

 Diamond Within
Imagine a Diamond inside of you  at the heart  make it as real and beautiful as you can recognize this as your inner purity and light simply maintain focus on the glowing light for five minute or longer  should your attention wander simply return your attention back to your  heart and the diamond within. This will enhance your awareness of your divine nature  and ability to love and experience love if  done on a regular basis.

Another variation on this is to imagine your diamond heart pulsing as you breathe in and out  allowing the light and love emanating from it to radiate outward and return even more filled with love and light.

A variation used  when seeking self forgiveness is to first do the regular meditation and  then bring up the issue  where you seek forgiveness  be aware of the issue and the feelings around it as fully as possible then expand the light of you inner diamond completely around yourself and the issue  and allow the light to fill you with love dissolving the pain holding you to the issue.
If you are ready  to forgive another  imagine them sitting before you  and  imagine the spark of light within their heart expanding to meet yours  and merging with it  and the issue  and allow the light to fill you with love dissolving the pain holding you to the issue as you forgive and release the other person.

Variation for dispelling the illusion of duality
Create the diamond of light within your heart  place a dual  or opposite  concept  inside the diamond of light, such as Male/Female, Good/Evil,  Love/Fear  as you exhale see these  concepts emerging from the oneness of your heart as you inhale see them merging together into one as they return into your diamond heart.

Crystal Haven
          This combines visualization with a meditation, select a fairly large quartz crystal and begin  with it in front of you or in your hands . (or imagine a crystal before you ) Breathe deeply, a traditional chi practice suggests   that women imagine the breath rising from the Earth and men imagine the breath flowing   down from above. Gaze into the crystal breathing slowly and deeply imagine the crystal    expanding and becoming larger imagine it growing to expand gently around you so that   you are sitting within the safety of the crystal the light coming into the crystal illuminates  your entire being and fills you with peace and love, stay within the crystal breathing in the  light for as long as you wish then allow the crystal to move away from you and return to its  natural size.

Some people create within the  haven an office or personal sanctuary imagining the crystals filled with those things one might need  such as a comfortable chair a viewing screen or computer  to use for  see past lives and sending healing
This is a variation on a standard imagery of building a safe haven  for inner meditation. You may prefer to create a   haven in the form of a globe of light ,or in  a tree house  or some other nest rather than using crystal imagery.  Many people also create gardens to use as havens and as beginning points in meditation affirmation and journey.

Another common complex visualization form is a journey

These may be to to seek advice, meet guides , angels, power animals etc. or to become aware of the galactic core the interconnected nature of life on Earth or  receive some symbolic gift  for your spiritual evolution either by gift or by recovering it after passing through obstacles .
A standard pattern  for these is often an entrance to the location of the journey often a cave or tunnel  or  it may involve a climb or flight   I have encountered visualizations set in the ocean the skies , off planet ,at the center of the Earth, or even at a shopping mall. There  may or may not be obstacles encountered on the way or tasks to perform  you may meet companions  of some sort The center of the visualization often involves a meeting with a Guide ,God/dess , Advisor or some other being and you may receive  guidance or a  symbolic gift from this being  before returning to you beginning point .

There  are many volumes of these visualizations in books and on the internet   and people often adapt segments of books for this practice as well.  You may begin with only the seed of an idea and allow the experience to unfold, or you might follow someone's  outline.   I find that with visualizations on tape or  when someone is reading aloud I find the pace far too slow and I may go off on ways that are not in the outline  so it can involve some backtracking and readjustments.

 The difficulty in writing this file is that many visualizations  are quite long  and while many do involve gems and stones in some way it is not really practical to write out a number of them .

One favorite of mine has been the cave of gems where you go and as you travel through the caves of healing crystals you receive healing and balancing energies from many different caves of jewels according to your needs and in the heart of the cavern you may listen to music from the sentient stones and receive guidance and recognition  of what work you have done and what is needed at the time.

The gifts or items recovered /discovered  in these visualizations are often gems  jewelry.  (If you are going to do a lot of journeys where  you get gifts of magical tools you might want to make sure at least one of the gift is a crane bag ( or other magical container)  to carry them in.)
Often a visualization will help  you  gain  information about you goals aspirations and needs  They may help you to recognize inner gifts and issues to  work on.  The visualization is a bit more structured than a  standard daydream and does not dwell on failings and regrets but helps you gain clarity in some way.

 Again never judge yourself against another persons results and do not be upset if in a long visualization you just can't seem to "get with the program" not all  visualizations will  work for for you . So if you get to the end of the vast pink marble corridor and when the book of life is open  and you are to read the message there,  the page is blank  or you gaze into the mirror of wisdom to see your inner Goddess, and it's Yosemite Sam,  Or if the question that the Angel of Death wants you to ponder is "Why does everything taste like chicken ?" Go with it ! that's just as valid an experience as any other.
  I'm not the only person who has had Yosemite Sam as a Guide.

Peggy Jentoft ~solarraven    Weather working


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