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Weather working is a highly controversial area.  Some people feel that any effort to effect the weather is unethical.
The fact is, that almost everyone is constantly trying to effect the weather  but most people do not realize what they are doing.
Even singing that old rhyme "Rain, Rain, go away..." is weather working.

 Perhaps one reason  the weather, fire and other elemental issues seem so overwhelming now is that many   have lost the sense of connection and respect for nature  and these events may give us notice that we must commune with the nature and elemental spirits and strive to be in harmony with the natural rhythms. 

We should be aware that weather patterns do not form instantly. Weather cycles may take days ,weeks, months or even years to form and occur.  When people make an effort to effect the weather they often forget the complexity of the weather system.  When people complain about the weather I often ask what weather they were asking for the previous year or season.
weather magick

All thoughts are prayers,  all prayers are answered, what are you thinking?

Energy follows attention, people create their own reality from their collective will , thoughts, feelings  and intentions . Droughts and fires , wars , famine , gain and loss   and other happenings big and small have seeds in our momentary attentions.  

I don't know how many people whining about it raining on the weekend that it  would take to create a drought and of course it is not that simple but  rather than saying that it is unethical  to do weather working  I would say that one
problem is that almost everyone is doing weather working without being aware of   it and that  we need to consciously work and learn to be in tune with the highest good of all beings rather than ignoring both nature and our part in events unfolding around us now.

I think a lot of us put our personal momentary convenience ahead of the higher good when we do weather work .I hope that people will learn to respect the needs of the planet and  all beings on it.  Here we are in a period of global warming with drought conditions and fire dangers at an incredible high  in the U.S. and we also have  people in many nations
facing famine and others in flood zones.  Yet many of us when we think of weather are more concerned with our picnic or keeping our clothes dry or  other transient desires rather than working to create harmony, balance and wellness for the entire planetary ecosystem.

Yes these fires, floods, droughts, earthquakes, volcanos , ozone layer holes etc. might be serving a higher purpose. We do not understand the mysteries of nature and spirit. on the other hand these events   may be reflections and creations of our careless and egocentric ignorance of the needs and harmony of nature.

I am sending energies for healing of  the situations of fire and drought and other weather and climate  needs of the planet.
 I set up a crystal grid for this too.

Even as a child I had occasional dreams of encounters with rain and water and other spirits though these dreams were dismissed as "vivid imagination" by adults.

  I have on occasion done things alone or with others like raise or still wind , help bring or dissipate rain and or cloud cover, call on early flower bloom  and similar things all my life but feel that this is not an area for casual or careless use, I am as  human as anyone else and admit that there have been times when "don't rain on my parade " has been more important to me than the needs and harmony of the all.  One persons misstep would usually be nullified by the collective intention and will toward a healthful and balanced weather system. Unless of course the preponderance of energy sent about weather  was not considerate of the whole.

  Some friends and I have been following a suggestion and experience  from Elliot Cowen's  book "Plant Spirit Medicine" for several years.
Mr.Cowan relays a message from TlaLoc the Aztec Rain God about how  people squander water,  pollute it and don't realize that they are dependent on rainfall, that water is the very blood in their veins.  For most people water is just a commodity to be bought and sold that comes from a faucet, to them rain is a nuisance that makes it hard to drive.  "They treat me as if I had no feelings, Naturally I treat them the same way, Diseases, phobias, exhaustion, floods, droughts --What do they expect?". ( Tlaloc)

Eliot Cowan suggests you call upon the Aztec Rain God  TlaLoc with offerings of chocolate candles  or other offerings of chocolate and ask/ pray  for rain  where and in the quantity needed  in accord with the highest good of course .

I have done this and it does usually rain  though the amount varies. A friend in San Francisco also does this. She has made candles of cocoa butter for her offering.  We have both had the experience of having it rain only on our yards leaving the neighboring houses dry.
I have offered gourmet cocoa blends on the wind and this also seems to work.

I also usually do a thanksgiving  ritual for weather several times a year without making any specific requests .

During a drought in the 70's in Sacramento  one of the Radio stations decided to play only songs that had the word rain in them  or were about rain in some way until the drought ended after three days the rains started  I don't recall how long it rained but it kept up a steady drizzle  for long enough to thoroughly soak everything.

Whether or not you choose to actively and consciously do weather work you probably are doing it.  In any case We would probably be better off  paying attention to the weather and being appreciative of  the weather, nature and spirits rather than taking it for granted and only paying attention when we have a  complaint.

 Australian tribes  are said to use quartz crystals in rainmaking ceremonies.

Quartz has a wide tradition of use in weather working because of its association with water .
Rutile quartz and smoky quartz were sometimes used for this,  Jade was thrown strongly into water to bring about rain

Some people use  tumbled and  single point  clear quartz,  beryl, and hematite in spells for rain making as well as programming crystals .

There are many different stones that are assigned elemental correspondences .

I personally consider  rutilated smoky quartz a good rain stone  there are also picture jaspers and agates that some people use for this kind of work whether is spells, meditations programs or grids .
You can do work intended to reduce or control fire asking the wind to be calm in the area Where there is danger of fire.

Rather than being a particular kind of stone weather stones are most often those whose appearance seems to relate to weather in some way. Obviously sunstone could be used for clear warm weather, Some Malachite Chrysocolla combinations look like blue sky and clouds, tree and moss agate are sometimes associated with rain and fog.

Holey stones that is stones which have natural holes in them were once thrown into the sea to call storms.

Here are a few  stone  correspondences for elements.  There are many different lists of this kind.

Air: Aventurine, Topaz, Mica, Fluorite, Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, yellow or blue stones

Fire:  Red jasper, bloodstone, garnet, volcanic stones , quartz crystals, ruby, carnelian, tigers eye, rhodochrosite, agates

Water: Aquamarine, amethyst, blue tourmaline, pearl, coral, blue topaz, blue fluorite, lapis lazuli, sodality, blue lace agate, sapphire,

Earth: Rock crystal, emeralds, peridot, onyx, jasper, azurite, amethyst, royal azurite, tourmaline, tourmanilated quartz, rutilated quartz ,agate, green calcite, salt.

Moss agate has been used for "cloud busting" and to help stabilize weather patterns.
Various forms of Gypsum particularly the fibrous form and Selinite and alabaster have been used for rainmaking in various ways .

Opal ,Labradorite, sheen Obsidians   and other stones with fire or flashes have been used for rain work and of course stones with rainbow inclusions have been used both for calling and dispersing rain.

For the time being this is rather incomplete I hope to expand on crystals and weather later and invite people to share the stones they associate with weather.   Atlantis 


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