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On darkness in the Aura

 I hope we all know that every one has so called negative energy as well as positive energy.  Even enlightened masters are not all Light.  We all are advised to work on our spiritual and practical development  and to continue on a path of  personal inner  awakening  etc.. Various chakra balancing,   aura clearing, filtering procedures are of help. 

There are many  stones and crystals, flower essences ,meditations etc. which can help with this work.  Do not become alarmed or upset if someone  notices  "dark"  energy in your aura.   Every one has negative energies. Even   Christs,  Avatars,  Buddhas and sages  may have transient dark energy in the aura. They certainly can carry energy which  might be interpreted as negative.  Whether there really is such a thing as negative energy is another discussion.

 Many very highly evolved spiritual people may  spend part of their  lives in effect cloaked in an outer shell of dark or apparently negative energy.   Another  thing that must be considered is  that many aura readers  misread or misinterpret what they see.  Many people automatically interpret  energy they don't understand  as negative.  Some people have a tendency to magnify  their reaction to energy. 

There are   different  issues and conditions which can show up as dark or cloudy  energy in an aura ranging  from minor stress,  injury  or passing emotions to deep seated issues and damage such as   fear or  compassionate sorrow  to past and present life traumas and major issues.   Much energy of all kinds is compresses ed and becomes visible only when it is appropriate to become aware of it and to work on the relevant issues.

I have had the experience twice  of meeting people who had a black aura which turned out to be a surface cloak  which  split and revealed and incredibly brilliant  white/rainbow aura.  Both of these were teenage males from families so far beyond dysfunctional as to leave me speechless.  These young men had both been raised to consider themselves  loathsome and  had both been in serious trouble with the law.  Both of these boys responded  to the  idea of a possibility that they were not evil  and that they had choices ( which was accompanied by some basic metaphysical information etc.) by becoming wonderful.

I had seen possible futures for both boys that had paths to normal happy lives and  initially dominant paths  to  possibilities such as   life in Prison, the Death penalty,  suicide. Both chose to work consciously toward positive lives. I kept contact with them for several years and both had succeeded in stabilizing their lives and getting an education  and work. Not "turned around" their lives but  revealing and living in accord with  their true nature.

I have written about black in the aura in my pages on color healing.   It is  often a transient  color denoting blockages, hidden issues,and illness.  Dark appearing Aura cover can indicate  deep and lasting depression, someone who needs rest, peace and healing.  Sometimes the disintegration of the outer layers of the Aura that precedes death is seen as black or deep gray,  black spots in the aura  are frequently indicators of pending or active illness and disease.  

While some interpret  black in the aura as belonging to someone. who is  evil,  has a sick mind,  is  devoid of human warmth or in  sociopaths or as localized in spots in the aura in cases of  potentially of life threatening illness.  This could be true in some cases but is not ever the whole story.  Black may also be seen as an outer  shield or a cloak of  energy surrounding the  true aura  in people who have had lives of severe trauma and emotional distress and who have closed themselves off completely from emotional and energetic interaction with the world. When  these people do  open or break that shell ( usually by having love and compassion get  in and causing  them to recognize their  own ability to love. You may be amazed at the Beauty of the revealed Spirit .  Black  may also be seen in the aura  as a transient color in reaction to personal life events and trauma and should not be interpreted as defining the  the character of the person  whose aura is observed. .  It may also indicate a secretive nature.

Clear quartz points,  rainbow quartz, and selenite are among the many stones that can help dissolve negative energy in the aura.


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