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     The chakra are the energy vortex that we have in our bodies that bring in
     the universal energies we need to remain living in bodies . Chakra is the
     Sanskrit word for wheel, the chakras are vortexes of energy present in   the  ethereal body which permeates and extends beyond the physical body.
     There are seven major chakras and they function as pathways for energy
     to be taken in, metabolized and sent to the major nerve center nearest
     each one. Several more chakras seem to be opening up in many people
     but for now we will begin with the traditional seven.

      The chakras are located along the line of the spinal column and are
     composed of high frequency energy strands that the spiritual eye perceives   as light The life force is channeled to the physical body and its organs via  the nadis and meridians and enters the body through the chakras. the      degree of chakra activity depends on a combination of the physical,
     emotional, mental and spiritual development of the individual.

      Chakras can be damaged or blocked through an emotional upset such as conflict, loss or, accident . Fear, anxiety and stress are common causes of chakra malfunction, it is the disruption of the chakra and aura that create disease and disturb the energy balance of the chakras. Psychological problems may cause 'blockages', obstructing the flow of energy into or out
     of the chakras.

      In general the front aspects of the chakras correlate to our emotional  function, the back to our will function, and the top three chakras to our  reason function. Balance in our reason, will and emotion centers is necessary to good health and well being. the amount of energy flowing through our chakras determines how well we function.

     Here is a brief overview of the seven main chakras we will go into these in  more depth  and post other stones for each chakra in other articles,

          Root Chakra ,Muladhara , Kundalini
          survival  Muladhara = Base  (mula - root   adhara - support)
          located at the tailbone base of spine
          color red, black element earth mineral kingdom sense smell
           note c mantra lam or e as in red
          vortex or petals 4 essential oil Frankincense, rosewood,
          gemstones Garnet, smoky quartz, black tourmaline
          ,hematite ,red jasper, obsidian
          governs vigor, heredity ,survival, security ,passion ,feet legs
          survival, and trust. your relationship with money, home, and

     Sacral Chakra, Svadistana
     sensation Svadisthana = one's own base (sva - one's own)
     Located at sex organs or near belly button
      color orange, brown element water plant kingdom sense taste
     note d mantra vam or o as in home
     vortex or petals 6 oil rose, Jasmine, sandelwood
     gemstones Carnelian, Tiger eye, fire opal,
     governs sexuality, creativity, emotions, anger, fear instinct to nurture, spleen,
     perceptions concerning food or sex.

     Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura
     power Manipura = city (pur) of jewels (mani)
     located between the sternum bone and the belly
     color yellow element fire animal kingdom sense sight
     note d mantra ram or aum
     vortex or petals 10 oil cassia, peppermint
     gemstones citrine, amber, golden topaz
     governs power, accomplishments, will, ego projections, vital energies,
     control, and your freedom to be yourself.

     Heart Chakra Anahatha Heart, love  ,Anahata means "unstruck"
      "Unstruck Sound"  the place where the spiritual
     descends into the physical by the power of the "word" (shabdbrahman)
     the point
     of creation.
     located at heart center of chest
      color green , pink element air human kingdom sense touch
     note f# mantra yam or a as in ah
     vortex 12 oil jasmine, rose
      gemstones Aventurine, emerald , rose quartz, Dioptaise, Kunzite
      governs love, compassion, mediates between higher and lower planes of
     being healing, lungs breath prana, sense of time ,and the area of
     relationships in your life.

     Throat Chakra Visshuda
     creative Vishuddi = purity
      located at base of throat
      color sky blue element ether angelic realms sense hearing
     note g # mantra ham or u as in blue
     vortex 16 oil chamomile, frankensence
     gemstones turquoise, aquamarine, chryoscolla, azuite, sodalite
      governs speech, hearing ,communication self expression

     Brow Chakra Anja,
     intuitive Ajna = knowing
      located in center of forehead above eyes
      color indigo element spiritual vision archangels sense telepathy
     note high a mantra aum om or mmm
     vortex 96 oil basil ,cedarwood, clary sage
      gemstones Lapis lazuli, blue saphire, sodalite, selinite ,kyanite,
     azurite, sugulite and fluorite
      governs intuition thought inner and outer sight, visions ,dreams

     Crown Chakra Sehasara,
     spirit Sahasrara = thousand spoked
     located at top of head
      color violet, white element cosmic kingdom = SOURCE mantra aum , ee
     as in bee
     vortex 972 oil lavender rosewood
      gemstones clear and rutile quartz, amethyst, Iolite, sugulite, tanzanite
     governs connection to cosmic consciousness ,spiritual, wisdom aspirations
     knowledge of truth

     Palm Chakras
     I also want to mention the chakras in the palms of the hands, often
     relegated to minor status. These chakras transmit healing energy and
     receive energetic information from the universe. The palm chakras are used
     to channel healing energies to yourself and others and to receive
     impressions of the energy of a room, person, situation, etc. These minor
     chakras make a major difference in the quality of life when they can be
     opened by intention. practice in becoming aware of the energy of the palm
     chakras is a good place to start if you are at all interested in energy work
     and spiritual healing. healing chakras may also activate in the fingertips.

     Transpersonal chakras
      The most important of the emerging transpersonal chakras are the thymus  or etheric heart in the upper chest which governs compassion and inner peace and the connection to world soul. 
      The Soulstar about a foot above the head which brings in spiritual energy  from the spiritual core
     and the Earthstar about a foot below our feet that brings in and connectsus to the Earth energies it is important to develop the Soulstar and      Earthstar simultaneously.
      The most important change happening at this time is the unification of the chakra functions all the chakras are beginning to work together much more  than in the past.

     There are alternate colors which may be in chakras as well as or instead of  the traditional attributes. The chakra is not always  one color there may be   other colors visible if you see aura colors. Root chakra  colors include  the
     earth tones as well as deep red Orange, red orange  and rainbow all are  reported in the sacral. solar plexus tends to stay yellow  -- heart can have  pink and gold in addition to  green. Throat stays pale blue or sky blue  but
     can include silver , brow can be  indigo or purple -- crown can be  purple  or    gold or  white or rainbow .  There can be other colors in each chakra of course.

     Lots of folks get into heated discussions about different theories about the  chakra and energy body  The truth is all the systems and true and  none of   the systems are true  and that is the truth.
     It does not matter if you   have 5 -8- 12 - 89 chakras in 1-7 -8 -32 auric layers  it does not
     matter if they exist at all or not if they are open or closed or disks   or vortex or wheels or petals or flames.

     What matters  is that you have a way of working with energy and reality   and  have concepts that promote health and balance and make sense to  you.

     It does not matter if it is your own personal reality construct  that   works for you or if you choose to use one of the many systems of defining      the energy body that various collective minds  cultures have agreed to  create  and work with .

     Confusion can arise when people try to reconcile  different systems or   impose one over the other  or perceive one system but try to read it   from another      awareness of the confusion will help you refine the system that you use
     to become aware of the health and balanced or unbalanced state of your  energy body and whole self .

     The only absolute is change.  rules and structures and symbols and  signs  and Gods and planets  are tools for spiritual expression and   advancement just  as water can be liquid or solid ice or insubstantial  vapor all things change .
  It is all at essence Ku  which is the void  not emptiness but  undifferentiated potential (that's not all ku is but it will do for this)Everything is energy  all the differences we perceive are simply variations in   frequency or "wind" patterns

     We have agreed  to use certain rules and blueprints but we must not assume that they are inflexible.  At various times the most effective rules such as those about the  structure and function of Chakra will seem to change to reflect the most  effective attitude at the current state of unfolding .
     "That which is, can handle adapt and contain all these variants and more  maybe what works for you is to sweat the details  but somewhere hold    the knowing that both the big picture and the details are in flux are      effected and created by your ,everyone's and ALL  thought  will and Love      -emotion not being a complete word for what is meant."

The Aura
One way of doing chakra healing is to meditate on  or look at a color field of the appropriate color  here are a few links for color fields made from gemstone photographs.

Color Field for Meditation on red  Red Jasper 

Color Field for Meditation on orange   Carnelian
Color Field for meditation on yellow   Tigers Eye 

Color Field for Meditation on blue green  Amazonite 
Color Field for meditation on blue and  indigo   Lapis Lazuli
Color field for meditation on violet  Amethyst
  The Aura

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