"Why do you show the sacred, secret, symbols on your web pages?"

    Most Reiki Masters  I've spoken with do not consider the Symbols Sacred . They were not considered  sacred or kept secret in Japan. The Kanji used as symbols may have been  added to Reiki  only after it was determined that many of Usui Sensei's  Students preferred this kind of tool to intention and kotodama toning.  Respect is given to almost all  writings in Japan,  particularly in any spiritual context . The written Reiki symbols deserve respect for the meaning of the words. They are not inherently objects of power.

The Kanji and Buddhist Terms which Mikao Usui adopted for use in Reiki are neither secret nor Sacred.  As a Buddhist lay leader I was already familiar with three of the  kanji as Buddhist  terms  for over twenty years before learning of Reiki.
 I taught the principles they represent to hundreds of people before I learned of the Use Usui Sensei had adapted them for.  In the Tein Tai, Nicheren  and To a lesser Degree some  Shingon sects, to share the teachings by showing the writings  is a sacred duty. Such kanji were often adapted for mundane purposes such as naming flower arrangements or as healing symbols as in the case with Usui Reiki. ( It is said that Usui Sensei was born into the Shingon sect and converted to Tein Tai  or vice versa ). The belief is that just the sight of the kanji representing a principle would ensure the ultimate enlightenment of anyone.
These Symbols are used openly both for spiritual teaching and as decorative motifs all over Japan and In Korea. The Cho Ku Rei is often used as a  good luck charm.  I have seen it on Korean Dance costumes and on Key chain Ornaments.

  It is only in the United States that there was ever an attempt to conceal the symbols.
I think the idea that the symbols were secret is natural misunderstanding  in relation to the respect the Japanese People have traditionally given spiritual teachings and writing .  The non Reiki teachings associated with these symbols is esoteric and  would usually only have been encountered and explored  at an intermediate to advanced level.

My manuals are intended for students and practitioners  of Reiki, particularly those who may not have manuals and other resources convenient to them.  The manuals would not be complete without them. The symbols  can also  be seen in many books and on many  web sites.  I am not a pioneer in this at all. I offer them with respect and have a notice at the top of my Reiki site so that people who do not wish to view the symbols may avoid them. but  I was and am  spiritually guided to post them in the context of Reiki as well as sharing them in the Buddhist context  as I was previously doing .

I also hear from people who were attuned to Reiki in the past by teachers who did not allow  any notes to be kept, They may not have been using Reiki often and in some cases have forgotten how to  draw one or more of the symbols.   I have also heard from a few people who want to be certain that the symbols do not violate a spiritual or religious requirement of their path before committing themselves to learning Reiki.

The Reiki symbols cannot be used for harm and can not enable anyone to use Reiki who has not been attuned to Reiki.  Seeing the symbols without being attuned to Reiki also causes no harm and may even  confer benefit.


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