About Creating Reality
and Our Missions in Life
Every thought is a tool in the creation of the the future .
The future is not unknown nor is it fixed

All possibilities are known,  but the actual result, the actual path that
occurs in the illusion of linear time is  something you are building.

This instant each thought you have,  and word you say, be vigilant, for it
is with your thoughts  you carve reality from possibility.
 When you hear songs of doom  know that this could happen
only if those songs overwhelm
the songs of joy of hope of triumph.  

Sing you now your  songs, even when you despair.
 When the fog of mundane sorrow sweeps over you  if you can

maintain in some small corner of your being a tiny echo of the light.
Then know that it will become the Sun  an infinite inexhaustible supply
of bliss, wonder, joy.   Despair is in a way the fertilizer for that light.

 You have categorized things into twos, opposites and say this is
good and that is bad,  but there is no two there is one. There is only
good.  The shadow and the light are the same thing beloved.
The night nurtures the  growth that is the light.

 Sometimes you dance and sometimes you must rest.  The resting is not loss.
 Some are tired, " why" you
say" when I sleep so much am I tired ?"
  When you sleep you are often  not resting.
You may be warriors,  teachers, adventurers, guides, healers.


There is work for many now and many here are among those who do this
work. Who lead the newly dead to light who with others turn the poisoned
waters away  from the sweet waters who call in the night in dreams to
those who change the roads.

 Sing to them of peace, not war,  you sweetly throw tiny petals,
 thoughts of peace, of reason, and reasons into the
dreams of the
sleeping leaders.   So that as the moon darkens, the Earth

will not dim to death nor dissolve in flame.  You are buying time with
your tiredness,  when in dreams you travel and whisper not now, not then,
this day you  must do that and cannot drop  bombs that day.


 Little changes like water wears down mountains. You do in unity in love in secret bliss or public sorrow. You change what some would not change. 

  Hold the image in your mind, polish it and make it clear, of the fairest finest world that could ever be and it will be made. Share quietly your vision .

   Help others to create their images of beauty, to make the world that will be the finest that it can be.    

You and the universe and all that is, are not a line or a string of beads or separate things. This what is, may be compared to a pomegranate, where one fruit is made of seeds touching sharing juices easily if only slightly squeezed, set together in segments, sections only slightly separated by skin and lightly set in a matrix.

  So are your thoughts, your surroundings, your world, your Galaxy, your universe, the universes and realities. All of which you are both the smallest piece and the largest.   

 Remember when you sorrow, and do not see the joy, that you are all building, performing,
  creating and that there are many parts in each piece you create.


Sometimes, if this were a song, a symphony, you would be a bass note or sometimes a treble note or even deliberately a discord, to make the greater whole.


 You were not ordered into this world at this time. You have asked to be here, it was your choice and well chosen it is.


 You are the thin  line, but you have already laid the foundation for the great unification, only hold the line a little longer and make firm the ideas you will to fruit and flower and it will come to be and it will be good.   


I do not do channeling a lot but this just rushed and dictated itself in Feb. 16 1998 I did add some punctuation later

  Peggy Jentoft

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