Other Energies

The Dolphin Spirit Energy
 I received this  From  "Spock" a Dolphin at the old Marine World Africa USA (Redwood City Ca).  in 1985  actually this was Passed by Spock to my  then unborn daughter at the same time and besides having spiritual healing  and meditation enhancement  effects also supports  interspecies communication and universal /planetary memory .

Mental functions and organization shakti set
Attunement for a mental  functions enhancement  (activate by intention   mental command is "mental functions"  runs around four hours at a time . and  an additional attunement for a set   that will work on permanently helping you with your ability to organize and remember  in accord with your highest good  activate  if possible  once daily and when you feel  need  call the attunement in by intention  "Organized shakti or  set"  would work as a command to activate or choose your own activation trigger . 

Public speaking set
energies for clearing the throat chakra, instilling confidence and clarity and calm   

Wholeness set
Shakti for grounding, centering, and living in the present moment

Yam Shakti and Peri/postmenopausal healing set
Energies for healing and balancing for peri and postmenapausal conditions

Presence and healing set
Activate by intention and this will run for about ten -20 minutes without further attention and work on   removing muscle armor , stress reduction , and pain relief relaxaton and alertnenss balance in strassful situations .

Heart enhancement  and Etheric heart enhancement
   Activate at will by focusing on your heart and or the area midway between the heart and the throat and saying or thinking heart or etheric heat enhancement.  This will activate a function to help with giving and receiving love for self and others and tohelp you to be aware of higher frequencies of spiritual love.    By maintaining the focus on your heart or etheric heart you will activate and energetic elixir that will permeate your energy body and help you with your issues  in heart centeres.  You can also use  intention to send this energy out into the room or area that you are in to by filling the room with this energy  you can produce an atmosphere that is conducive to increasing peace and loving kindness.  One cannot guarantee that others will accept or respond to this ambiant  energy.

Retaining perspective, game free
an activatable set  for reducing the impact of irritations  retaining perspective and clarity about iritations

healing and  energize  Revitalizing  long term healing
autonomous  and or activate able attunements for each person's specific needs
 Personalized  attunement or a personal healing and energizing  set  it has both activatable  and autonomous components  the activatable component can be run  in either healing or energizing mode by intention  you can use either function as often as you wish but it probably won't have much increased effect after     4 to 6 times in one day  . Withchronicconditions it does seem to be important that you do try to activate a set or run an energy consiously at least 3 or four times a week   use the mental command s healing and  energize

Sweetness of life
activatable energy set and shakti  for increasing acceptance of love and sweetness in life
appreciation of blessing and allowing happiness and comfort

Chocolate shakti

Fertility shakti set 1
attunement  with both autonomous and activatable features for promoting fertilility  and or clarifying fertility issues You can call this attunement in by intending to receive it  if it is in accord with your highest good  you can activate it by intending to run the fertility program or shakti  probably once or twice a day   if possible

color healing systems and sets

flower medicine sets

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energy work and wisdom of Hawaii
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