Usui Reiki reikikanji
contemporary and traditional methods  level two manual
by Peggy L. Jentoft
© Peggy Jentoft ,2000 -2001
except where noted


This is  a simple practical manual for Usui Reiki. level two
No manual will ever be complete. There is always more to learn.
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My Reiki  Manuals are offered for free download and may be used in trainings and classes. My name and copyright information must be retained. My manuals are widely distributed and have been downloaded over one million times since 1996 . People who remove my name and copyright information and or attempt to pass themselves off as the author of these manuals  are quickly exposed and face considerable embarrasment and the  loss of their reputation. aswell as legal consequences 

This manual is all on one page to make it easier to print or save even though that makes it rather large

My main intention is to have the manual that  I use  in personal classes available  on the internet for the benefit of my students and for others who might find value in it. I was a pioneer in remote attunement and therefore feel  a responsiblity  to provide information for Reiki students who may not have had an opportunity to receive detailed training.  Some Reiki Masters hold that the symbols  are sacred or secret and should not be shown to people who are not attuned to Reiki level two.  I respect them and the tradition of secrecy but feel strongly that I must have the symbols in the manual for maximum helpfulness.  I was familiar with most of the symbols in a Buddhist context  prior to receiving Reiki.  The  symbols cannot be used to connect with the Reiki energy and functions unless a person has been  attuned to Reiki. Should You not wish to see the symbols do not continue to read this manual or reload this page  with your browser set to text only.

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Usui Reiki Second Degree Manual
by Peggy Jentoft

The Reiki second degree training and attunement focuses on more specifically directed use of the Reiki energy, particularly mental emotional healing and remote healing . Reiki two practitioners also have more tools for working with other people and for the world community.
Just for today, I will not anger, I will not worry, I will do my work honestly will be kind to all people and I will be appreciative of my many blessings .
    This is a version of the Meiji Emperor's precepts which were adopted by Usui Sensei and are known as the Reiki principles. Usui Sensei hoped that all Reiki practitioners would spend a few moments each  morning and evening to reflect on these precepts. People who do this may find that it becomes easier to live up to them and have a happier more balanced life .

Because of the nature of remote healing and mental emotional healing work
and the fact that practitioners may find themselves developing more control of energy and their personal will there is a need for more emphasis on ethical issues  than there was in the first degree of Reiki.
Obtain permission before treating anyone .
Some teachers feel that you must always have specific permission from the individual before treating. Other teachers feel that when it is impossible to obtain permission you may send the treatment as an offer which the intended recipient is free to accept or refuse. You can usually tell after a while if energy is accepted or refused. I do not feel that it is compassionate to absolutely refuse to offer treatment if specific permission is unobtainable . You would not allow someone to bleed to death at the scene of an accident if you had the power to assist them even if they were not able to give permission would you?
Never attempt to Force healing on anyone. You are not the one who is to decide what is in the best interest of another.  It  can be a temptation particularly when dealing with addictions to attempt to impose your will on another.
Never promise a healing or cure this is not in your control People have the right to choose whether or not to accept healing even someone who comes to you for treatment may refuse to accept healing energy .
Never Diagnose, do not give medical instructions and never suggest that anyone discontinue medications or other treatment.
Respect your client's confidentiality. Do not repeat anything you learn during a treatment either from the client or from your intuitive perceptions.

When using examples and case histories make sure that the parties involved can not be identified .
Being a Reiki Practitioner does not give you any particular spiritual merit. People might on occasion try to make you a Guru. You might even get over impressed with yourself but remember that when you see dramatic effects from treatment it is not because of your personal merit its because of Reiki .
Energy should not be directed indiscriminately. Send energy for the highest good of all concerned. Allow it to be used by the high self of the recipient for their greatest good. When directing energy, ask the person first if they want a treatment or go within and ask their higher self. Use your intuition. If the Reiki is not accepted by the recipient it will return to you. Some people send Reiki while holding an intention that if the intended recipient wants it they can invite it in at the time convenient to them and it will be there for that person .Never assume that another being wishes to be healed, even if they say that they do. Don't intend to heal a person; just allow the energy to work. Don't judge the effectiveness, the energy is working. Results may not be obvious immediately. Reiki energy continues to work long after the actual treatment is finished. Honor the energy, yourself , the intention and the recipient for the work performed. Where awareness is focused, energy is concentrated .

About Symbols
   There are three kinds of symbols or viewpoints about symbols that are used in healing, meditation and for spiritual, mental and emotional development.    One view is that with symbols like the forms used in sacred geometry or the tattwas and Yantra Mandalas the actual shape or form is said to contain the power to waken an ability or create a result or convey mystical information and realization itself. Another possibility is that symbols acquire power by being charged with the intention of people or from being in proximity to spiritual ability or teachers or places or from repeated use.     The last kind of symbol or view of symbols is that they are tools or triggers that enable you to connect with and use a spiritual function, information, and so forth, that exists separate from the symbol itself. The symbol is more like an on button. The power is in what the symbols represent rather than having any power of its own.    These viewpoints are not really mutually exclusive they are just different ways of looking at things. Some people in the United states have taught that the Reiki symbols and their names or mantra themselves had the power and were sacred and secret not to be revealed to anyone who was not an initiate.     I (the author) was already familiar with three of the four symbols and mantra as shortcut Buddhist terms for certain concepts and had seen two of them used carved on temple  walls  and embroidered on dance clothing  and as good luck charms so I was not surprised when it was confirmed that the symbols used in Reiki are mostly of the second and third kind. Symbols are a tool to help you connect with and  focus and use the Reiki energy. You may not need to consciously use them  when you are more experienced.  In the beginning it is quite sensible to use them, in time you may  just tune in to the Reiki functions.  On the other hand many people do always use the symbols every time they use Reiki  neither way is better than the other way .     In the Reiki symbols, the intent and the active force coincide, not in the air or on paper, but in your heart, soul, mind, spirit. If the intent isn't there, you might just as well not draw anything. Contrary to the popular story of symbols appearing in bubbles Usui Sensei apparently may have started teaching his Reiki without them and later introduced the symbols to help provide focus for people who don't sense the energy as easily as others. As a Practitioner you will know if the use of the symbols becomes unnecessary for you. It is  best  to  continue to be open to learn as much as possible about the deeper meanings behind these  terms or  symbol forms. I do not mean to say that working without symbols is "more advanced" than working with them. I mean that it is simply different, not better or more advanced, and that what istrue or right for one person may not be the best way for another person.

There Are three traditional Symbols used in Usui Reiki level two. These do not bring in a new or different energy as much as give you ways to focus and work with a broad range of Universal energy frequencies for specific purposes . There is one more symbol used in the traditional Master level of Reiki . Many Reiki variants have developed in the last 20 years since Mrs. Takatas death. Some of these use additional symbols either from other traditions such as the om and infinity symbols or that have been channeled by founders of these variants. My personal experience is that you can almost always  access the functions these symbols are for just by intending to use Reiki for a purpose, say karmic healing, for example . The Symbols are traditionally drawn mentally or with the whole hand while repeating the name /mantra of the symbol silently either one or three times depending on the "school" your teacher belongs to. They can be visualized whole and "thrown", drawn with the whole  hand or with the third eye using tiny head movements, or  drawn with the tongue on the roof of the mouth . I was taught that using a finger alone was disrespectful but some teachers do draw the symbols with a finger. For room clearing and blessing some practitioners use both hands held palms together as in the Gassho or prayer position to draw large  symbols  with very sweeping motions of the arms. Some people draw the symbol only at the beginning of treatment others  draw them each time they change hand placements . Some people draw all the symbols every time and others only draw the one or ones they are calling on.
    Most students find that it becomes  much easier to memorize and draw the symbols after they have been attuned to Reiki than it is  before the attunement.

CHO KU REI Focus or Power
(cho koo ray) (long o in cho ) is the Usui power boost mantra and symbol to increase the effect of Reiki . This function is said to call in higher universal energy and accelerates Reiki from low to high and gives greater focus to the energy .Power boost is used with the other energies as well as by itself during all treatments hands on or distance. This energy has been used to clear rooms and crystals and to charge food and water, and in manifestation procedures . This symbol has been used as a sort of Good Luck charm or "blessing pump" and as a protective sign. The symbol shown is with the counterclockwise spiral which is the traditional direction some teachers have  apparently arbitrarily changed the direction of the spiral to clockwise for reasons of personal spiritual tradition either symbol will work use what is most comfortable to you the number of times that the spiral crosses the center line varies from four to six in different teachers renderings . most people use symbol as they were taught by their own teacher.

his last example is in Mrs.Takata's Own Hand


The ChoKuRei symbol can help start Reiki flowing or give it a feeling of being more finely tuned or powerful. Most practitioners use it at the beginning of sessions by drawing it on the palms of their hands or in their minds or with the third eye or with the tongue on the roof of their mouth or over the body or the person being treated.
Some meanings of this symbol are taken from
The Essence of Gendai Reiki-ho by Mr. Doi.
Sound - Choku Ray
First Symbol - The earth - Power up - 1st and 2nd Chakra
Relation with people - the earth has been producing, growing, purifying giving creative energy to everything. Human bodies have the earth's intention and rhythm built in. Imbalance in it will cause one to develop disease or unhappiness.
Functions - Activates the intrinsic functions of everything born on earth by recovering its rhythm and balance, through resonation with the earth's conscious energy.

    This Reiki function is used for Activating and Enhancing Energy , focusing , stabilizing and fixing the energy. Clearing and cleansing , recharging and revitalizing and general healing and used for improving the physical or material energy state.
    The first symbol is often called Focus or Power symbol or Booster. The ChoKuRei is sometimes nicknamed "the light switch" as it connects us to the energy, like a light switch being turned on. It is thought to turn up the energy, and opens us as channels of the Reiki energy. . It can help overcome negative resistance patterns. It can help reduce pain.

    It is also used in space clearing. To cleanse a room, Draw it or visualize it in the corners or on the walls, floor and ceiling of a room intending it be cleansed and filled with love and compassion energies . Mentally throw it into the room intending it be filled with light .         Many people do this in the treatment area and before doing treatments or Attunements .
Draw it on objects in your environment intending they be cleansed and operate for your highest good. Draw it on objects and run Reiki into them to charge them with Reiki. ChoKuRei can be used in as many ways as you can think up.

    You can use the ChoKuRei at the start of a healing session to feel the energetic connection to the Reiki source.  You can use it to focus power at each hand position and on any problem areas. You could draw it over the person at the end of a healing  session to seal and stabilize the healing .
    Some people also use it for protection. For protection, draw it on a piece of paper and place it on or under things you want filled with Reiki or mentally visualize or invoke it. You can  visualize or imagine the Symbol surrounding you. Draw the symbol in front and in back over and on both sides of yourself .  Draw it over food and water before you eat and drink .   You can also visualize or draw it over your head before meditation or meditate on the symbols themselves.
    Draw the ChoKuRei on the shower head prior to taking a shower so that the water is filled with Reiki as it cleanses you . Run Reiki into your bath water.
    To use for manifestation you  can activate Choku rei and clearly visualize what you intend to manifest while running Reiki this will not bring you things that are not in accord with your high self and soul purpose. Experiment !

    After cleansing crystals you can  use the power symbol to empower them instead of a generator crystal. this is than traditional crystal clearing and charging methods especially if you use crystals a lot on grids for doing multiple sends. If you find your  energy flagging and have little time for a self treatment,  draw the power symbol down my body and give yourself a 5 minute zap. Draw it on the palm of each hand before before sending distant healing. Draw it into the corners of any rooms that need clearing. Draw it over flower essences  essential oils  or shampoo and other personal care items . Draw it on a piece of paper and wrap it around a sick tree to keep the energy working .Draw it over food.

SEI HE KI Harmony, Emotional and mental healing (say hay key)
Used to facilitate emotional and mental healing and to assist self programming and treating addictions and habits as well as all other mental and emotional concerns, it is said to work on the subconscious. Some teachers use it on the first 4 chakras only and some use it on all positions The mental/emotional healing function helps to balance the right and left sides of the brain, and is often used for healing unwanted habits or for programming in desired habits.
    Meanings of the symbols taken from The Essence of Gendai Reiki-ho by Mr.. Doi
Sound - Sei Heki Second Symbol - the Moon - Harmony - 3rd and 4th Chakra
Relation with people - The moon has an effect on the earth like tides. It also causes constant changes in feelings and rhythm of human bodies. Being in sync with the moon's conscious energy will bring emotional releases and stress reduction and help people keep in high spirits. Functions - Restores psychological and emotional balance and brings deep healing. Also promotes self growth by increasing sensitivity and acceptance through resonation with the moon's conscious energy. Usage - Improving human relationship, bad habits, resolving all sorts of disorders and karma/trauma with gentle energy of love and harmony. used for restoring psychological and emotional balance.
    It is used to heal mental and emotional habits that no longer work for you, and emotional and mental distress. It is also used to bring up and heal the emotional issues underneath physical problems. It helps reinforce and support positive behavior changes. This function is for healing and releasing those feelings, desires and conditioning that keeps us in negative patterns .
   Healing with the Sei Hei Ki can be as simple as using the symbol while doing a healing using the regular hand positions. It can also be used as part of meditations to help release and heal conditioning and patterns that underlie problems.
   You can use Sei He ki to empower your affirmations and resolutions and for working on specific areas where you feel emotional processing is needed simply turn on Reiki and activate the Focus and Harmony functions with the intention that it work on the kind of issue you are seeking to heal like fear, anger, grief or resentment for example or to enhance your own ability to love yourself and others for serenity or courage or compassion or zest .
    Here are some more uses for the Mental/Emotional symbol. The Sei He Ki.
Some of These suggestions  were offered by Jane Berrigan, Fiona Mc Callum, Susan Bosco and C.J. Use the emotional symbol in the chakras with the intent that emotional and mental issues be balanced and healed. if the treatment is specifically for emotional/mental issues), end by wrapping the recipient in Reiki and seal it with the SHK, too. Recipients will often report a feeling of lightness and a lifting of despair and stress. You may want to use the HSZSN too, since many emotional issues have roots from the recipient's past.
    If you are feeling 'out of balance' all you have to do is to place your hands on your head and think of the SHK and it will tend to bring you back into balance. This symbol heals more on the higher levels of consciousness, and is thought to work more in the aura field than on the physical body.
    If a person is complaining even of a headache often it is coming from some type of emotional or mental tension, so using the SHK symbol is appropriate in dissipating headaches.
    It can also be used for getting rid of 'bad vibes' and for protection. Bad vibes or negativity coming from others or perceived as coming from others exists on a mental and emotional level so you can use the symbol as a form of psychic protection. What you can do is simply draw this symbol around yourself, perhaps  saying  something like ''I protect myself now with divine love and wisdom''. Use the symbol on each side of you, behind, above, below you and in front of you, and repeat the words. As you do so, you should feel the protective energy begin to develop around you. It will tend to harmonize any negative vibrations that will be coming from others. You can use the SHK and the CKR for spiritual protection.  Another way to give yourself protection is to visualize an egg shaped energy field around you with the SHK moving around the surface of the egg, starting at your feet and working its way around the egg and upwards until it reaches the top of your head. Do the same with the CKR. Often at work or even at home we deal with people who we like to think of as our friends but sometimes there are negative feelings that come up and it is very valuable to be able to protect our selves and harmonize the situation by using Reiki.
    You can  use the SHK to assist with memory. If you have forgotten something, your keys for instance, take a moment and place your hands on top of your head and use SHK there. As you do the Reiki say to yourself 3 times ''I will remember where I placed my keys within one minute''. Then just relax. Sometimes using Reiki in this way will help you conscious mind to align itself to that memory, causing you to remember just where you placed your keys!! Worth a try anyway! It can work equally well for other things you have forgotten - a person's name, a telephone no. etc. Often you are trying too hard to remember and the Reiki energy will simply help you to relax so that the information will surface again.
    Students can use this symbol when taking tests or exams. Before the test draw the SHK over the paper to help your mind to attune to the correct answers. Of course it goes without saying that you must have studied beforehand! Reiki will help your conscious mind access the correct piece of information from all the data held in your brain. Use it when that extra concentration is needed and you are feeling bored in class. Place your hands on your knees and think of the SHK as you listen to the tutor and it will help you to retain the information being given. Affirmations are a powerful tool when one is trying to achieve goals. You can simply repeat a positive phrase over again in your mind or write it on a piece of paper. Repetition is the key and the SHK can be used to empower your affirmations. In this way they tend to be more deeply embedded in the subconscious mind.
    Any time you are having an argument or disagreement, it can be very healthy and valuable to use the SHK. Just imagine the symbol being between you and the person you are having the argument with. It will tend to filter the energy that passes between you, thereby assisting you in creating harmony and peace and understanding.
Emotional healing symbol self treatment
Place non dominant hand at the base of the skull and with the dominant hand over the top of your head (palm facing head), sign the power symbol once saying its name three times, then sign the emotional symbol once saying its name three times, then again sign the power symbol once saying its name three times. Then place the signing hand on the top of the head. Now, with both hands remaining on the head, repeat the affirmation for 3-5 minutes, or for a rise and fall of the energy, or as many times as felt necessary. Sample affirmation - "I now have what I need to see the issues in my life in a new way and the wisdom, strength, courage and love to follow through with what is given." You can use whatever affirmation desired so long as it is in the positive (absolutely no negative words as no, not, don't, etc.) and in the present tense.
The Emotional Healing Program
This works on long held emotional constrictions which may or may not manifest as physical abnormalities, bringing them to the surface and releasing them. Where there's a chronic physical condition it's always worth doing this emotional program at the beginning of a treatment. The symbols used are the Third Symbol, The First Symbol, and the Second Symbol. Included and absolutely necessary to this program are also a visualization and an affirmation.

Self Healing
Sit down, calm yourself and begin. Connect to the issue as in distance healing. Draw the Third Symbol and see it going into your crown; then draw the First Symbol, again seeing them going into your crown; then draw the Second Symbol, see it going into your crown; then draw the First Symbol again. Visualization Put your hands either on your face or head, whichever is the most comfortable. See your head filling with gold from the symbols and from your hands. When the head has filled the gold spreads to fill the whole body. When the body is completely full the gold then overflow out of the feet. The energy then turns, comes out and up the outside of the body on all sides and into the body again through the Crown Chakra. Continue this visualization - it should look like a sort of elongated torus shape, constantly on the move both inside and outside the body.
Affirmation When the visualization has reached this point add the affirmation: "I send the light, [name], deep into the inner recesses of your mind, bringing light to the darkness, that shadows disappear." Keep this up for around half an hour or so and then stop. This is a very powerful program. I suggest that you do it for an issue no more than 4 days in a row, then leave it for a month or so and watch for developments before doing it again.
    Healing Clients
Have your client lie down and follow the above routine. Your hands should be either under their head or curled onto the forehead. You or they may prefer to sit up, in which case your hands should be on the top of their head.

    Healing Situations  Connect to the situation in the usual way and follow the above routine. Visualize a ball of light as the situation and then use the affirmation. This program is amazingly effective at bringing to the surface and releasing hidden emotional issues - so for example, if you (or a client) have been having a lot of accidents you might then send healing to this situation using this program, but would connect to it along the lines of "the issue behind my recent accidents". Watch what happens around you - it may be that the issue is one that you are amazed has any connection.
    Releasing emotional and mental blockages anger etc.
hold your hand palms outward above your throat and heart and visualize or mentally draw the Sei He Ki state your intention  to release and remove the blocked energy or negative feeling and  then just allow Reiki to run as  usual can be used for others as well as self.

              Weight loss
      I have  had Reiki teachers who say that the SHK symbol could be used to lose weight. Draw it on the palms of your hands, point your palms toward yourself, repeat the name three times, and let the Reiki flow. Do that as often as you needed to lose the weight. An affirmation is "I transform (fat) matter into light (energy). I don't really know if this works or not but I have lost about 30 pounds during a time of testing this. I did cut down on fat and sweets and increase exercise too which seems easier to do than it had been previously.
Mental and  behavioral healing
   Reiki is not a substitute for therapy, medical treatment or counseling. Reiki is complimentary and enhances most forms of treatment. On a spiritual level can be quite valuable and protective but people with serious Psychological conditions should probably seek Reiki treatment from practitioners that have credentials in appropriate fields as well as in Reiki if possible . I do not have experience treating people with serious mental conditions like Paranoia or schizophrenia in person with Reiki but have had enough experiences as a Buddhist Lay leader and in some other areas to have decided that I do not have the specialized knowledge that is often required. I have done quite a bit of remote work for people who request it. And have been told Reiki has been helping them. I Definitely advise you to use a degree of caution here as unknown challenges may arise. Use Reiki as a healing for these types of conditions but do not analyze unless you are qualified.
     In mental healing Reiki works with the consciousness by transforming  negative influence into positive and removing energy blocks . Reiki works on the areas of the mind where we hold our programming, conditioning and the causes of problems and illnesses. I personally think self treatment is often easier for mental healing then treatment from a practitioner . A stumbling block in mental healing is the client's belief system itself. If the patient does not want a cure then they will mentally resist healing . This is common in the case of addictions, parental and societal programming where many sessions may be required during which you may get fed up with “failure” or the patient sees little benefit in your healing. All sessions work to some degree but YOU CAN NOT FORCE HEALING. You can not force your will on others. Just allow Reiki to flow do not try to direct it to a specific outcome. Your responsibility is not to do anything that would be dabbling with someone else's mind. People are often very susceptible to suggestion during treatment you might repeat an affirmation that you and the client have chosen before hand but should be very careful about what you say .

Have the client sit on a comfortable , upright chair.
1. Decide with client on affirmations and positive results required.
2. Place your hands on the shoulders and relax the patient for 1 to 2 minutes Or until Reiki tapers off
3. Remove one hand, keeping the other in place, and slowly trace Reiki Symbol CHO-KU-REI above but not on cranium while focussing on the mantra (name) of the symbol. Repeat as many times as you feel is needed, although once is generally enough.
4. Replace hand on shoulders for up to 5 more minutes or until Reiki tapers off be aware of any images or information you receive
5. Place your hands on Reiki Head Position (top of head)  and relax the client for 1 to 2 minutes.
6. Remove one hand and trace the Reiki Symbol SEI-HI-KI above but not on the cranium while focussing your mind on the mantra (name) of the symbol on any affirmations you have agreed on with the client. repeat as often as you feel is necessary.
7. Replace hands on head and repeat sequence from [1] but
substitute SEI-HI-KI for CHO-KU-REI.
8. Finish after 15 to 20 minute session using CHO-KU-REI to end session .

Death and bereavement
If Reiki works why does it not stop people from dying?
    Some times people do receive healing and live beyond expectations. Most times it helps the person die with less pain and emotional turmoil. Reiki can help people become aware of the reality of continuing existence after death. It will also help comfort those who are left behind. It is always best to explain this to a client and family as their expectations may be unrealistic. We do not perform miracles and we never promise cures healing comes from a root word meaning whole. Many people have found that Reiki helps them to continue to make the effort to find healing and have hope . Many people find that Reiki helps them move on to death in more comfort  . Reiki can be used with the intention that it ease transition and that it bring solace to the bereaved . I have had terminally  clients say that it helped them recognize issues they wanted to deal with prior to passing over and that it helped eliminate fear and anger . They also have said  that it helped them connect with divine energy and an awareness that death is a transition and not an end .

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN Connection, Distance Healing
(hawn shaw zay show nen).
    It is used for sending Reiki hands off, for absentee healing and treating issues from the past including past life issues.
    This function also gives you the ability to use all the Reiki functions for hands off treatments at any distance at all . you can use this symbol function  long distance and to beam the energies to someone in the room with you. This is especially useful in treating children and animals in treating yourself on areas you can not reach and when in public or anyplace where a hands on treatment might be impractical.
    This symbol is the most complicated of the Reiki symbols but can be easy to learn by practicing writing it. start with one stroke, repeat that stroke and add one more repeat these and add the next one and continue this way until you are able to write the entire symbol  . Or you may prefer to break it up into several sections and learn one at a time. Many people do find that they can activate the Reiki function by direct intention without drawing or visualizing the symbol at all but I feel that it does have value to memorize it as well as the others.  There are some differences in the way different teachers write this symbol usually one writes it as your teacher did unless you have an intense intuitive call to another style.
    Meaning of the symbol as taken from The Essence of Gendai Reiki-ho by Mr. Doi
Sound - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
Third Symbol - The Sun - Absentee - 5th and 6th chakra
Relation with people - The sun has been sending energy of higher dimension to everything. Without the sun, the earth or human beings would not be able to exist even a day. The sun is the foundation of our existence. Functions - Connects to the core of the target object beyond time and space and brings deep healing and transformation through resonation with the sun's conscious energy. Usage - Healing beyond time and space. Pursuing for the state of silence and peace, correcting the distortions that have been obstacles to learning.

    Used for connecting to remote objects in time and space. Often used together with other symbols. Distant healing can bridge time and space, allowing you to send healing energy across a room, or around the world to heal past wounds and to contribute healing energies for others and in situations such as natural disasters and political crises . You can use HSZSN to treat anxieties you have about events in the future. Some people use it to create healing packages to be tapped into later or sent ahead for a known future need.

Remote Or Distance healing
    There are many ways to do distance healing. The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is drawn or visualized at the beginning of treatment just before designating your intended recipient .         This function enables us to send healing energies to others at a distance. This can be used to send Reiki across the street or to other parts of the world. It can be used when doing hands on Reiki healing would be inappropriate (with a burn patient or someone with sexual abuse issues). In these cases Reiki can be sent distantly from across the room or from a few inches or feet away. Such line of sight use of the distance healing symbol is often  called "Beaming".  Some people help focus their intent when beaming  by imagining the Reiki energy  radiating out from their eyes or heart or hands.  Some people like to hold their hands up toward the person or people they are doing the treatment with . Most people find that they can beam or send the remote treatment without raising their hands .

    The  HSZSN function is also a symbol of karmic release.  The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is made up of five distinct elements. One possible meaning can be "no past, no present, no future". I do not teach or believe that you can use this energy function to actually change/ effect the past or the future as some people believe. I am not saying that you absolutely cannot either. I have a sense that some of the Reiki I do now to release traumas  from my childhood did in fact effect me at that time  as a child by giving  a sense of being watched over and a promise that in future life I would be happy.  This is not provable though. I do use HSZSN to treat and heal the effects of traumas from the past and from past lives. It can be very effective to Focus  or intend that Reiki be sent to the very first  occasion the a specific problem occurred in your life .
    When you heal a problem at its origination point quite often many subsequent problems that are based from that initial event  will resolve themselves and heal  almost instantly.     Used with the emotional healing function you can obtain results that are similar to those obtained in "soul retrieval". or "etheric recovery" Sometimes using the distance function can assist with past life recall.
    Some have  used this function to send the treatment ahead to a specific point in the future. I have had mixed results with this . Time is an illusion but a very useful one and the HSZSN is more than just a remote button It seems a lot like the Huna Ho-o-pono pono to me in that it's deeper function is to bring ones whole being into justice and harmony that is to Make things right
    The full meaning is not "no past, no present, no future", but  more like "Right consciousness is the root of everything", or "integrity can correct all ". Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is made up out of five separate kanji The way we write  this symbol these five characters  are compressed  into each other. The superficial translation would be something like  1· Originally (in essence, by nature) 2 · person (being. entity) 3· exactly (right, just) 4· righteous (certainly, straight path. )5· mind (presence of the heart, character).      The long term effect is to help us live in the present free of blocks and worries about the past and future.

Distance treatments
    There is a common tendency to think of distance work as requiring effort as though you have to personally throw the energy across the distance In fact it requires no more effort to send Reiki across the ocean than it requires to send it through your hands as you touch someone. Just as in direct treatment you activate Reiki and allow it to flow to where it is needed . Distance does not interfere with reception.
    Some ways of doing distance energy treatments with Reiki Using the symbols: one would draw them with your hand or third eye and mentally say the power and connection symbol name/mantra and use the other symbol or symbols as needed or desired. You might visualize them over your head or in front of you. I was taught to use all of them all the time but many people do it differently.
    There is no order of  preference for any of these methods for sending Reiki to people at a distance and these are only a few of the possible ways to do it. These methods are useful for sending distant Reiki treatments.  Over time, you may develop less need to use the distant symbol and very  structured methods for remote sending.  This is as it should be.  As you develop increasing familiarity with the energy you may find that the symbols, like all tools, can be put aside when no longer needed.  There is however no hurry to learn to work without symbols .  Take your time and let the connection to the energy strengthen and grow. Most people  continue to use the symbols even if they do not "have" to do so.

1. You can use a photo or drawing as a focus. for the session drawing the symbols over a photo with the intention of sending Reiki to the person represented  or sting the name of the person while placing your hands on a drawing either doing the hand placements or just holding the photo or drawing.
2. direct the energies by imagining the person as laying on your thigh.
3. Use a teddy bear or doll as a proxy or put a pillow on your lap to represent the recipient.
4. You can imagine the person as being between your hands. Then either mentally go through the hand positions or just send the Reiki to the subjects entire being with the intention that it go where needed.
5. Intend it. know that the Reiki will reach your intended recipient automatically
6. Write the person's name on a piece of paper and hold that piece of paper with the name on it between your hands and send Reiki that way.
7. Use your thumb as a proxy, pretend it is the person, and wrap your other fingers around it and send it Reiki.
    Visualize the person there in the air before you and you just do a treatment. or imagine  that you are in the same place together. Another technique is to substitute your body for theirs putting your hands and or intention on your body and intending that the energies run to them in those places. You can also do a "spot" treatment on an organ or other body part - just visualize the part and go for it. When I am doing distant healing, I mostly do it by intention. Sometimes I feel a "Reiki beam" go from my hands and / or heart, etheric heart, crown and third eye, to the person. I usually just say the persons name and if I know it location and intend that the energies go to them for their highest good beaming the Reiki to them.
    Some people find it easy to imagine that the client is in the same room with them and others will ask Guides or helping Deva to do the treatment as the practitioner holds the connection. Others feel that Reiki is kind of like email when the system is working really     well you just have to address it and send it and it will arrive where it is supposed to go instantly. Even though you have no idea how the mechanics of it actually work.
    State what if any condition the treatment is for if you know. Ask for pain relief if it is wanted in addition to healing. Pain relief and healing are not the same thing. Reiki seems to reduce pain more when it is specifically requested. Reiki will not eliminate necessary pain if the recipient needs it to force them to go to a doctor or would re injure themselves  for example.
    You can do an entire treatment going through the hand placements but can also just allow the Reiki to flow. It is good to mentally state any areas of particular concern that you are aware of. As long as you maintain a clear channel the treatment will go where needed most.
    When you activate the energies by intention without drawing the symbols intend Reiki all or any words that work for you. You can also activate each function separately actually I most often intend that any and all energies run in the best portions. Then I follow intuition to activate any specific procedures.
    Always intend that the person has the right to accept, refuse or observe the energies.
    In distance treatments the energy often just runs until it's done. Some Teachers suggest a 15 minute session for distance work. Some recommend 15 minute sessions three days in a row. I have had the energy run as long as three hours. But that is unusually long and 15 or 20 minutes is more common . Some people have found great results from only a five or ten minute session. Even one or two minutes can have a great effect. Reactivate the energies if your attention and intention wanders so far off that the energies shut down and whenever you feel that you should.
    When the energies stop running. End the treatment by honoring what we have intended gently releasing the connection and thanking your Spiritual Focus. There is not normally any real need to clear and release any excess or unneeded or stuck energies as this does not often occur. Reiki is self clearing. You can do clearing and unsticking if you wish.

Energy blocks and disease
    The general understanding is that usually stresses, traumas, and emotional reactions or repression to events in your personal life and surroundings can create constrictions and blocks or overloads, tears and such other conditions in the aura and these blocks, constrictions, holdings etc. if not healed in time can manifest as disease and emotional mental disturbance and susceptibility to accident This can also work in reverse if the aura is damaged as the result of physical injury if the deformation to the energy structure is not repaired than illness, injury, or chronic pain may occur in the physical area or in an energetically related one. These traumas can include your energy reaction to the stresses on the environment, Political and social situations and family matters and many other less obvious influences . You may come into a life with some blocks already in place from past life issues or from choice because of your soul mission and lessons or from trauma from the time of your conception to birth. I have found it particularly helpful to use the emotional and distance healing functions on the period of time between conception and birth . Should you want to study energy blocks in the aura in depth, the Barbara Brennon Book "Hands of Light" probably has more than you will ever need to know about energy blocks and other afflictions to the energy body though your personal interpretive metaphors and perceptions may be different than hers.

    There are a number of books and lists available that purport to show a list of the specific
blocks and traumas that can cause the manifestation of specific illnesses and injuries
    There can be some valid help in these books but most of them are oversimplified and  sometimes people use them in a cruel way .The human body ,energy field and karma is too complex to be reduced to a checklist .Reiki practitioners might consult these texts to see if their own intuition is supported but they should never use these references to tell another  person what is "wrong" with them. and even when the information in the book is correct for one or many people it may not be correct for your client.
remote group treatments
    There are a number of ways to send Reiki to more than one person at a time either in a room or at a distance. You are acting as a ground and conduit for Universal healing energy rather than using your own energy. You can treat a large area or group at one time  .
Expand or Blanket method
    Visualize the symbols horizontally expanded over the people or  area you wish to cover or fill with Reiki  then continue your treatment  in the usual way for  people at a distance you first expand or blanket the area then intend to focus on the specific people who seek treatment from you.
 You can beam the Reiki into a Room with the intention that everyone in the room receive the treatment best for them. A mental image of fanning  the energy out or  mental image of creating a cone of energy over the area and people can help you with your focus .

The Reiki Stack Method.
    When you are have a lot of healing requests you can try this technique for  distance healing in groups there are several different versions of this. Write down all the names, location and reason for the request in a book or on a piece of paper. Say each name and condition out loud and draw the power symbol (CKR) between each person's name on the lists. Call this Reiki Stack 1. Each day as other requests come in, write their names etc. in your book and call it Stack 2 etc. Draw the power symbol to connect each stack. At the start of the treatment (preferably At least once a day) name the Reiki stack/s that the treatment is to go to and draw the three symbols on the stack while saying the mantra three times. Then affirm your Intent that this /these stacks are filled with unlimited Reiki treatments.'' place your hands over the stack list or hold the stacks between both hands and visualize energy going to each person on the list just as they need it for their best and highest good. If you have a healing crystal you can empower it with Reiki and place it on top of the stack/s to continue sending energy.
Any time you pass your stacks send the power symbol to add energy. The people and pets or situations stay on your list for at least a week and sometimes longer.

Reiki circles and shares
    It is fairly common for Reiki teachers to offer Reiki circles  for other practitioners to gather and treat each other and share experiences . They also may have healing circles to share Reiki with other people who want treatments .  When several Reiki practitioners are together they  can stand in a circle and each run Reiki into each others backs or sit and  hold hands and run Reiki around the circle . Several practitioners can treat the same patient at once each person taking a different position .   A full treatment may take only five or ten minutes . The Blanket  expand and fan functions that I  mentioned in the remote group healing section  are useful for group work of all kinds. These were adapted from a Kahuna  energy system  I use.

All kinds of stuff people have added to Reiki classes and have called advanced techniques
       None of these techniques are necessary to practice Reiki effectively, and probably  none of them were used by Usui Sensei. Many Reiki Masters question the validity of including of them under the descriptor "Reiki". I list some of the more common modifications here. If you find them useful, add them to your practices. If you don't then just ignore them . Here are some of what are commonly referred to as "advanced" techniques. Any technique that is not part of traditional Usui Reiki should be identified as such during class and treatment.

Reiki guides, angels, the High self
   Many of todays Reiki Teachers include a meditation to meet your " Reiki Guide" or guides . This was not a Practice or teaching of Mikao Usui Sensei , nor did Mrs. Takata call on anything other than Divine energy . In most spiritual practices the development of your own intuitive connection to spiritual source is considered to be superior to contact with guides . Guides may be a symbolic representation to assist you in translating the information coming to you directly from spirit but they are not essential, they are not a pert of Traditional Reiki  and may in some cases be an impediment to your own spiritual evolution should you become too devoted and fixated on them.
   We all do have a connection to the divine that manifests as what is called a companion or Guardian Angel which is a being or energy form who will assist you in you own personal spiritual evolution there are many meditations and books and web sites and attunement systems  with information to assist you in meeting your own Companion Angel . Your companion Angel and your High self  that  most spiritually evolved part of your whole self  can help you connect with any guides you might actually need to work with.
   Some of the energy systems I work with and teach  do focus on working with Your high self and companion Angel but your Angel is with you anyway and you may not need specific training for you angel to work with you .

Reiki Symbol Meditation
       Meditation using the Reiki Symbols is a hybrid of meditation and visualization It is designed to increase the connection to the Reiki source by meditating on the symbols. you can easily fashion your own meditation on the symbols, visualizing the symbols or even gazing on a physical drawing of one of the symbols . Experiment and explore.
    To do this meditation, use guidelines that anyone doing meditation of any sort might follow. Get into a comfortable position. Sit with your spine erect .Put your hands on your lap and have your feet on the floor . Relax the body doing some deep breathing, or muscular relaxation can sometimes help.
    As with all meditation, if your mind wanders while meditating, allow the thoughts to slip away, paying them no mind, and gently bring your attention back to your focus. breathe deeply shut your eyes or keep them half open focus on the feeling of Reiki. when you are ready, you can begin to meditate on the symbols. (or any other focus) to this point its a standard meditation. The first symbol we will use is the power symbol. Either draw it in front of you or visualize it in your mind. Say the name of the symbol (either out loud or in your head). You could visualize the symbol as golden, or violet, or allow it to take on the color it chooses,  intensely bright and empowered with the loving energy of the Reiki source. Allow it to flow into you, and for any message it might have for you to manifest. Stay focused on the symbol and the Reiki flow and the source. Stay with this as long as you feel comfortable. When you are ready, you can do the same with the other symbols. You can so the meditation with all symbols in one setting, or only work with one symbol per session.
   When you are finished you are likely to be filled with energy and this would be a good time to work on doing self treatments, treating others, doing distant healing, manifesting goals, charging crystals.

Grounding with Reiki
    If you are not grounded, you might find yourself light headed and dizzy after meditation. I just run Reiki with the intention that I be grounded. You can find something that is grounding and do it. Things like gardening or walking you can visualize roots or a cord running to the center of the earth or a lava floe coming connecting you to the Earth.         Whatever works for you. You could also put your tongue on the soft palate (just behind the teeth), draw the power symbol on the feet, the hara (just below the naval) and the palms. Place your palms on the hara and concentrate on that area for a few minutes. This tends to bring the excess energy from the upper chakras and into the hara. Many people like to eat something as a way  of grounding
Manifesting Goals
    There are several methods available to help use Reiki and the Reiki symbols to manifest goals. Advocates of these techniques feel that they can help manifest changes in your life.     Always be ethical and intend the highest good in what you ask for. Sit and relax, breathing gently and deeply. Either out loud or to yourself, say your goal. State it in such a way that their can only be one interpretation and cannot be misinterpreted. Connect to the Reiki energy. Draw the symbols on your palms. In your mind, create a mental movie, or mental image of this goal being accomplished. Draw the Reiki symbols on the mental picture starting with the power symbol and ending with the power symbol. Hold the image of your goal in your mind awhile end by drawing Reiki symbols again Believe totally that this process is done and that this goal is already being manifested. Another Manifestation technique is a Manifestation Triangle. This technique is a better choice for those who are not as good with visualization techniques. Also, because it involves writing, it is more concrete and can help focus you on what you truly want. The first step is to draw a triangle. At the bottom left hand corner write the person's name that this manifestation is to be for (yourself or someone else). Next, at the top of the triangle, write what you want to happen.
    This should be the best possible solution to the situation. The situation and person's name should be specific. You can say "This will manifest for the highest good of (person's name)". Next, at the bottom right hand corner, write the situation. After setting up your triangle, and writing out the name, solution and situation, draw a power symbol over each corner. Draw a power symbol over the whole triangle. Place your hands on the triangle picture and do Reiki on it, intending it to manifest.
Reiki Crystal Grid
    The standard crystal grid layout that you will find in most manuals is rather more complicated than the one I actually use.  I have studied crystal work separately from Reiki and recommend that if you are interested in working with crystals you study that  separately.  The subject is far too complex to be done justice to as a tiny Reiki add-on. There are entire systems of Crystal healing work some of which are like Reiki and have Attunements for  energy work with crystals. Many people do just have some quartz or amethyst or other crystal  in the room or under the Reiki table Some people have clients hold crystal during treatment. I prefer to keep the modalities separate most of the time You can  just Hold a crystal and run Reiki into it while intending that it be programmed to send healing energy to a person or situation  continuously and place it it a place  where it will not be disturbed . Reiki will not do harm or overload a person but I have seen many cases where people did become distressed from  overzealous  crystal treatment.  I strongly recommend caution when mixing crystal healing  with Reiki  If you have a clear intuition go ahead but do not just throw on crystals experimentally. Rose Quartz is always safe and can be used freely it increases the ability to give and receive love and is relaxing .

    This next  technique is in many Reiki texts,   was developed to set up a continuous flow of Reiki energy for healing or protection by using crystals to broadcast a Reiki program. This technique is not used  in Japan so far as I know, and is not part of Usui Shiki Ryoho. I use other crystal programming work myself which is a lot simpler and just include this for your reference because it is in many Reiki manuals .
    A crystal grid can be created and charged with Reiki energy. It is it will continue to send Reiki energy for healing, protection, or to assist with goal manifestation for several days or longer. To make the (official) Reiki Grid you need eight crystals. The easiest method of crystal selection is to pick the crystals up and just see how they feel to you. Try not to so much "think" about this as "feel" it. Send some Reiki into the crystal and see how that feels as well, allowing your intuition to guide you. Most new age shops and many science or hobby shops sell crystals. Regular Rose Quartz, or White Quartz single points or tumbled smooth stones are sufficient for the purpose of making this grid and are inexpensive. You can use a picture of the person that the grid will send to or protect. Or the name you can use grids for manifesting and affirmations too. Clear the crystals by holding them in your hands and running Reiki Choose a place for the Reiki Grid where the grid will not be disturbed. Take the eight crystals that you have cleansed, and choose the one that seems the strongest. This will be the Master Charging Crystal. For your central (Master) crystal, you may want to choose a double terminated crystal, a cluster, a pyramid or a crystal ball. (Some practitioners conceptualize this in terms of yin and yang. You are looking for the crystal that is the most yang or having the strongest male energy.) Next, place six of the crystals at equal points around a circle about 10 to 12 inches in diameter. This creates a hexagon or six sided figure. Place the last crystal in the center. This makes seven stones in the design in total. The eighth will be used as the Master crystal. Play with the arrangement until it feels right. This arrangement uses a six sided figure. It is possible to construct them in any geometric shape. Take a picture of yourself or the person or issue that you want to send Reiki to. Draw the Reiki Symbols on the back, the person's name, and an affirmation to help empower and set the intent of the process. Be creative. You can use a piece of paper with a goal, intent or need on it instead of a picture. Draw Reiki Symbols on the paper and then Reiki it between your hands and place it within the crystal Grid. The Grid will continuously send Reiki to heal the person or bring about the goal. At this point you have the purified crystals and your prepared picture. The next step is to charge the crystals with the Reiki energy. This is very simple to do. Take each crystal into your hands and send Reiki into it for about 10 minutes or so. Do this with each crystal, one at a time until all of them are done. You can also say prayers, or ask spiritual guides to assist you while you are charging them. Once the crystals are charged put each back in its place on the grid. Put the Master Crystal in last. It is suggested that you not move the crystals after they are in place as it will weaken the energy connections.
The Master Crystal is used to keep your Reiki Grid charged. This stone can be recharged when needed by holding it in the hand while running Reiki or beaming Reiki into it. To finish the grid hold the Master crystal in your right hand. Starting at the top, begin to connect the dots that are formed by the crystals on the grid. You will be starting at the top and making six triangles as you connect the imaginary lines between the stones on the outside and the center stone. Move around the Grid in a counterclockwise direction. You can also say an affirmation or mantra as you do this. Some masters meditate with they Master Crystal frequently to keep their Reiki Grid charged up.

Psychic Surgery- Etheric recovery
    Other common additions include using the so called  Psychic surgery technique with a guided visualization of symbolized traumas and blocks that I personally think should be left to people with psychological training  as it involves asking people to describe their emotional pain for example in terms of shape, color and feel  etc. before it is symbolically pulled out with Reiki . I feel that some well meaning practitioners  have done more harm than good with this non Reiki technique when they have not had the psychological skill to help resolve issues that have been brought up with this technique. This is not related to the Philippine psychic surgery form where physical objects may be or appear to be removed  from the body of someone being treated .
    The method of scanning for energy bumps, hot and cold spots and sticky or "sour" energy and extending energy fingers to scoop out negative energy  and to repair  breaks in the aura is  another technique that is  sometimes called psychic surgery. This method  is used by many forms of subtle touch, spiritual healing  and energy work. Some people do use this in conjunction with Reiki or feel an intuitive urge to do this while giving a Reiki treatment.

Healing attunement
    As used in the Reiki add on classes this is a healing attunement to give people a temporary boost to their ability to heal themselves and absorb healing energy . These are essentially Reiki Attunements done by a Reiki Master with part of the ritual left out supposedly to provide a temporary boost . This is also either similar or identical to the "Reiki POP" a partial attunement used by some Reiki teachers as a sales tool for their Reiki classes . This can give a strong energy buzz to the recipient and is often more intense than simply demonstrating with a sample Reiki treatment.  I have some ethical concerns about the "Reiki POP" and do not use it.
     I do use a completely different and permanent healing boost attunement brought in from a different healing system . That attunement permanently enhances the recipients ability to connect with and use healing energy for their highest good . I include this automatically in the treatments and Attunements I do for all who are willing to accept  some energy from systems other than Reiki.

Other Symbols
    Some Reiki systems have added other symbols to the Reiki practice I have yet to find a function that is added with these symbols that cannot be accessed fully with just regular Reiki . The Symbol might give you a tool for confidence in your ability to connect with a function such as karmic healing or improving your love life but I have yet to find a function that cannot be used by simple intention while running basic  Reiki .
    Generally Ask, intend, request  what you would like to work on and allow Reiki to flow . This is in addition to allowing the Reiki to go where it chooses not in place of that.
There are functions like power settings and mode settings, automatic programs   that do work well with Reiki   Generally speaking there are no limits on the ways you can work with healing energy.  Some of these non Reiki functions can be  included with my Reiki Attunements for those who are willing to accept some non Reiki energy functions.
I teach these in my workshops but have not included detailed information in this manual.

    One of Usui Sensei's hopes  for the Reiki  was that it would be a tool for helping people obtain enlightenment or true and total happiness and wisdom of spirit. This aspect of Reiki is sometimes overlooked in the West in favor  of focus on physical well being . Just being attuned to Reiki will not guarantee enlightenment but practice and study of the Reiki principles and maintaining a seeking mind can help you with your personal path.  We usually define the word  "Reiki" as Universal Energy here is  another  definition taken from a Buddhist lecture on the Lotus Sutra by T. Makigchi from the 1930's  of the Word Reiki in regard to enlightenment. This source probably had no knowledge of the term as used by Dr Usui .
" Reiki" (Spiritual power/ability) is divided into 10
1. The ability to tell the reasonable law of cause and effect from an unreasonable one neglecting the causal law.
2. The ability to know the causal relationships ranging over the three existence's of life- past present and future.
3. The ability to keep himself in the state of enlightenment
4. The ability to realize the various functions of mind.
5. The ability to know the intellect of people
6. The ability to know the life condition of people.
7. The ability to foresee the future of people
8. The ability to know the causal relationships of people
9. The ability to realize the the life of the past existence and the way to enlightenment.
10. The ability to obliterate past karma.

No Reiki manual is ever complete  There is always more to learn

You are allowed to save or print a copy  for personal use but not to put it on a web site of your own  . This manual may be used in classes if all copyright and author information is retained. I would like a postcard, letter or e-mail and or web page link if you do use my manuals in your classes.
(donations or gifts are accepted but not expected)
This  version of the manual is all on one page for easier printing or saving I welcome your comments and suggestions
The author may be reached by email at
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Usui Reiki
contemporary and traditional methods  level two manual
by Peggy L. Jentoft

except where noted
© Peggy Jentoft ,2000,  2001 all rights reserved

             Peggy Jentoft is a Reiki MasterTeacher with multiple liniages   going back to Usui Sensei   Her personal masters teachers  have included   Alexis Somerfield (.K Guererro) ,Marcie Rose , Sandra Mariana , Jennifer Alexandra , and she has exchanged attunements and information with  over two dozen Reiki teachers from Linage of at least eight of the twenty two Takata  Reiki Masters plus teachers from two non Takata linages . lso  also has received information and attunement from direct Spiritual transmissson in many different energy modalitys .

She has been attuned to Reiki Varients including Tera Mai , Karuna Ki, Seichem, Menchos ,Gemstone, Unlimited, Fullspectrum, Magnussa Phoenix , Fusion and so many others that she has lost count . She is a Drisana Seventh level practicioner,  A Malaka Huna Fifth level practitioner A Crystal Healing Empowerment Teacher  She Teaches  Reiki, Crystal Healing, and
Personalized  Energy Work in La Mirada Ca.As a Healing minister Ordained by Chrysalis Ministries and has over thirty years experience and  study  in metaphysics and healing modalities and  multiple systems of energy work.

Sogyal Rinpoche, in his book,
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, suggests that to belong to a particular lineage is to embrace a particular set of ideas and prescribed way of practicing. In a lineage, the last or latest in the line, does things and teaches pretty much the same as the first of the line, even if that line goes back thousands of years. If that is so perhaps I should not claim any lineage because while I honor tradition many of  the ideas and practices  I embrace  come from a personal and intuitive experience.  I strive to teach and attune in a way that helps people realize their own inner knowlege.

© Copyright Peggy Jentoft 2001-2002 all rights reserved
I welcome your comments and suggestions  The author may be reached by email at or by writing
Peggy Jentoft  13218 Woodridge Ave.  La Mirada Ca. 90638 or  phone 562-926-3975  


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You are allowed to save or print a copy of this manual   to be shared freely, without cost.  You may print copies of this work for  personal use or to be shared with students, provided that it is given in its entirety,with author attribution to Peggy Jentoft   and that the copyright message remains intact.  This material is not to be republished on other webservers, websites, translated, altered or in any other way used without the express written permission of the author.   All rights reserved. 

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