'I read that you  were one of the pioneers of distant attunement.  There is a pretty lively discussion in one of the groups I work with right now about where the concept of distant attunements began, and I am hoping you could share some
insight.  Kathleen Milner is well known to have offered telephone attunements, and Rick Rivard said that his Reiki Master, Elizabeth Gilberg, said that there was a possibility of being re-attuned via distance. I am curious where you "got the idea" to do distant attunements... did your Reiki Master?  Or one of them?  It's such a common place occurence now that I think a lot of people take for granted where it came from! Curious though{AT)

My background on remote attunement.

    I had received several remote direct transmissions in a Buddhist context between 1967 and 1993  before ever learning of Reiki.  I had also gotten an energy transmission to color healing  from sisters in Portland Oregon conducted  over the phone  in 1967. 

    Remote or direct transmission/ attunement/  initiation is a fairly common part of many esoteric spiritual traditions though many of these either had a tradition of secrecy or had gone underground because of political or religious obstacles.  Shaktipat is a common Hindu /vedanta  example of an energetic awakening. while this is usually done in person it has also been done remotely. I had also received Buddhist initiations in person which were done by direct intention  crown to crown. without external ritual. Other ceremonies were accompanied by energy transmission  in addition to ritual.

    Remote  Attunement  or Direct transmission  is an ancient and respected way of  transmitting elements of spiritual awakening ,wisdom , information or spiritual  abilities between teachers  to  disciples possibly most well known  in some  Buddhist paths there are   references and description  of  his transmission or  initiation of an opening of the inner eyes to a follower  in a letter from Nicheren  who was a Tien Tai priest  before founding his own sect from around 1156 -1160 I am  sure there are older records of this because he was not writing about a new practice.

    Around 1991 I  received an  awakening to run crystal energy directly from the Crystal Deva which included the ability to  transmit these  energies to others by intention and had done this for people in  several different places.

    I got  traditional Reiki attunements   for Reiki one two and three A in 1994.  Between that time and  April of 95  I received several  attunements both in person and remote to other energy systems  from a teacher with the Spiritual Unfoldment network. ( Solar Angel, Malaka Huna,  a crystal healing set, and Drisana ) This is an organization based in the San Fransisco Bay area which teaches and does attunements to many different esoteric energy systems from around the world. I believe that several of the other people  who were early to use remote attunement for   Reiki  had either met the founder of the SUN network  Irving Fuerst  or had taken workshops or teacher training in the energy work systems he teaches.

I did have a strange experience of a non corporal being ( who identified himself as Seiji Takamuro  ) appearing one night and gave me information about Reiki which later proved correct.  This spirit did attempt to attune me but I was too freaked out by the experience  at that time to really accept at that time.

    In April of 95 I received both a conventional Reiki Master attunement and a direct intention attunement to Reiki  master.

    I had relatives  and close friends
who wanted Reiki  who lived a long distance from me.  They were not going to be able to  stay long enough  to  follow the  then common time sequence,  so I used the method I learned for other energy work experimentally to transmit the Reiki one and two attunements. This was successful and they were able to use Reiki.
    When they did visit  I attuned them in person.

    Shortly after that an e-mail friend in Washington State  had a grandchild have a sudden life threatening emergency  so I offered an
attunement and she accepted . We had intended that this be a Reiki one attunement but she received all levels of Reiki  at once.  She was able to use Reiki for her grand child and attune her other family members.

     I then mentioned the experience on  a Crystal healing e-mail group and we conducted an experiment in remote attunement. This was mid to late 95 and  early 96. There were 136 people in the group including several conventionly attuned Reiki Masters  several of whom also began to  experiment with passing remote attunements.  One of the members of that group posted something about the experiment to the Reiki News Group,  Alt Healing Reiki and to other groups.

    This was the first time so far as I know, that the concept of Remote  attunement to Reiki  was discussed in a wide forum and the controversy erupted.  Several hundred people contacted me at that time and received the experimental attunement. Many others began experimenting with remote attunment at that time.

     I was asked if I was  trademarking or claiming the concept as my own and  stated that these were methods that had been adapted from other energy workand were not my property.  Because there were people who did want to "Own" the practice I formally stated  that  if I had any "rights" to remote attunement  I placed the concept in the public domain.

    Many people also began to experiment with passing them. Certainly remote attunement to Reiki had been done  before I did  and many more have done it since but until that time most the few who had done the believed that  only Reiki one and 2 could be done remotely. 

    I have heard from other people who had tried or were experimenting with remote Reiki attunement  around the same time but have never felt that it was important  for me  to establish a particular time line. Who did what when is not as important as the fact that remote attunement does work. 
Remote attunement does not replace study and practice of the information, principles and practices of Reiki.  I do recommend in person training and practice for Reiki whenever possible.

Peggy Jentoft

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