Sensitivity to The Energy of  Surroundings
Some people are sensitive to the energy of their suroundings, the emotions of other people, reactions to events that have occured in an area   or from other causes.
 I  have sensitivity reactions to places some of the time not as often as I did before I learned various grounding, clearing, calming and protecting techniques with energy work meditation and visualization.  I ask  for an angelic shield most of the time before going into Malls, stores  on busses and such and that usually helps a lot I may be aware of the vibe but am less likely to react to it personally in a strong way.  
              We know that things like fluorescent lights, power surges   and environmental allergies  can cause strong reactions, but  many of the stresses do come from the "psy" perceptions  of events , personalities and inherent energy and programming deliberate or incidental of an area.  I actually think that  much agoraphobia may originate in part  from  reaction to these energy  perceptions.
              There can be some tendency to amplify existing vibrations or to project our own energy outwards that is personal blocks and   issues will react to "energy  pocket memories" in the surroundings  and we can perceive this as coming entirely from outside or  conversely entirely from the inside that is we may  think that an emotion is ours when it is stimulated by patterns in the area.
              I have become more aware of these "programs" at the same time as I have become less sensitive to them personally  though sometimes I still do get  whacked. 
              I make a point of running clearing and grounding  and asking for blessing at most of these locations and have found that repeated clearing and setting  of healing calming energies /prayer /blessings -can have a real solid effect on the atmosphere of a location  Laundromats in particular can really become transformed.
             Sometimes  in stores I have become aware that some of the dissonance is caused by the energy carried by the objects for sale as well as the people in the store. the objects can carry the frustrations of the packager, the greed and desperation of the corporate sellers, the frustration and desire of customers. Even the joy  put into a package where the processor is proud of the product  and the employees are happy or the awareness and energy of he animals and  vegetables etc. used to stock the store and create the products can create a real   mess of demands and energies and vibes.

I think sometimes the strongest
  reactions are caused by this overload of many different frequencies and   information components  even more sometimes than really tragic  or negative  events because in some cases with these there seems to be an automatic shield function or  just some kind of cleansing action that occurs as part of the process of attention  and clean up in the mundane world.  More people seem to be noticing vibes these days and many of these people do not know  what's going on and that can add to a panic  feel in an area.  Part of  Humankinds ongoing spiritual evolution will cause quite an awakening of our awareness to these things and that should lead to healing for the environment and the people .
              Peggy Jentoft

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