Tips for Manifesting

When doing manifestation procedures or programs or affirmations with crystals or by other means there are certain basic guidelines that can help with the effectiveness of the work , be it prayers ,spells, manifestations, affirmations etc.

First recognize all the blessings we already have. Give gratitude for the abundance we have. Ask for needs of others to be met in a good way. Focus on Self (higher self and spiritual growth) not on self (selfish), We certainly can ask for our own desires. These can not cause any harm to another. Manifestation  procedures are more likely to succeed when they serve the common good or include service for others.

A very common reason that manifestation procedures fail is because the goal is not clearly
defined and /or it is being overwritten with other changing and contradictory goals and desires .  All your thoughts and actions are part of your continuing prayer / program etc.
When someone dedicates 10 minutes to a procedure to manifest abundance and then spends six hours complaining and worrying about their lack and poverty. They will attract more poverty than abundance.

 When you keep changing the form of what you intend to manifest you block the process of
manifesting. The student who changes his major each semester never graduates and an ever changing goal cannot manifest .

You need to have well defined terms and a clear concrete picture or story of what it is you
want to do. Many people find that it helps to write out a list or outline and refine the idea
thoroughly before going forward with a procedure.

Be careful how we ask. We get exactly what we ask for. If we ask for a high paying job, We may be offered a job that takes us away from loved ones. Is that a desirable sacrifice? A high paying job may also bring more stress. If you ask for financial needs to be met so you can share a more tranquil environment with your family, for the highest good of all; that is a different request. ..more specific and less "self".

Remember that prayer/ programs etc. to be effective should be couched entirely in positive terms . Your energy goes to what your attention is on .
All thoughts are in effect prayers and they are all answered. When your attention is focused on your problems or what you lack, that will just bring you more lack and need. Focus on what you plan to manifest.
When You include not or don't Your picture is of what you wish to avoid/ end/ prevent,  rather  than what you want to manifest.
Your energy will manifest what you picture even if it is opposed to your actual desired intention.

When You realize that all negative words such as not, don't, won't etc. are in effect simply dropped from your affirmations /prayers and ignored by the universe, You can see how important a positive focus is.

Many also say that these should always be in present tense. The future never arrives, open ended goals may stay in the future indefinitely Others say and my experience is that manifestations also succeed when there is a definite reasonable time frame or condition for fulfillment indicated . Because of course our inner self knows that we do not have what we
want NOW and must feel that we are being honest in our goal to deserve to achieve it. You must have a clear and complete blueprint of what is desired and you must allow the universe room to work.

Examine your intention for any possible unwanted consequences as well. We collectively create reality with the consensus of our thoughts. A basic rule is that energy follows attention. Because of this it is very important that your focus is on the result that you do want to obtain rather than on what you wish to remove .In the phrase "No more War" the attention, the focus is on war the result of this affirmation ,chant, prayer is actually to feed more energy to war. The Phrase "Peace now" has the same basic meaning, but the focus is on Peace, it would be the more effective statement.

Make sure your picture is complete and that you have not left out something criticalBecause say you want to manifest a marriage partner You may find that perfect man , is it acceptable if he wants to wear your clothes? Expects you to support him? is a bigamist?   It is amazing what gaps we sometimes leave in our blueprints.
It never occurred to me when I worked to manifest a home that a house might not have a bathtub. I am not saying to nitpick everything.  You do have to give the universe enough freedom to bring your desire into reality. ( I was able to get a bathtub and  washer and dryer after 6 years).

Examine yourself for inner blocks and reasons you may feel unworthy of getting your manifestation . you may need to do some work on forgiveness and releasing guilt or atonement if for some reason you feel unworthy of having the prayer form fulfilled .

When you have the form of your prayer/ program affirmation perfected then call up energy to send the picture to the universe by whatever method you use build up and call in energy to empower your manifestation and clearly give your prayer up to manifest, use all your senses and movement to convey and empower your message . Clarify how fulfillment will benefit others as well as self and release your prayer -action then trust that it will happen You can feed energy to the prayer in positive terms after that .Negative attention and
worry act as prayers against what you want to manifest.

You might also consider reviewing your past affirmations and wishes or manifestation
procedures for any that have outlived their value. Cancel and retrieve any energy put into
them. Some people mentally imagine a cancel stamp over any such outdated wishes this can
be done with negative self images too.

I had the experience when I was fifty of having a large number of wishes come true exactly as I had formed them when I was about six years old. While this is wonderful, some of the elements that I really wanted when I was a young child were not of particular value to a woman in her fifties. Perhaps we would have been able to buy a home much sooner had the universe not been striving to include the long forgotten desire to " live near Disneyland" and some rather kitchy decorative elements. ( It is kind of a Snow Whites' Cottage kind of house.)

To condense the preceding
Decide on what you want .
Spend as long as you need clarifying your real desire .
Keep it simple and focus on one issue at a time .
Change any goals or plans, hope that are couched in negative terms into positive terms. Give the goal energy with whatever form you use focus be it a ritual or charging a crystal or whatever it must have energy and sincere intention backing it.

Clearly give your prayer/ affirmation up to manifest, use all your senses and movement to convey and empower your message and release your prayer -action. Then trust that it will happen . Believe that your desire will come true. Know that you deserve what you are asking for.

You may give your wish/affirmation gentle attention once or twice daily to boost the power but to focus intense attention on the goal after it is formed and released will retard or could even prevent fulfillment. Once you have released the Prayer -Action do not go back and change the goal  or worry about it. A plant can not grow  when we keep digging up the seeds or pulling on the shoots Your intention  now needs some time and space to become manifest. Allow the Universe work naturally. Do not dwell on how the result might show up.

It is critically important to examine our attitudes toward bounty not just money directly but all forms of good fortune to discover and clear those blocks that impede us . Being Jealous of others good fortune keeps us in want, being happy for them calls good fortune to us .

Remember when you do any wealth ritual or procedure you must be as clear as you can on what your goal and desired outcome . Focus on the good feelings and results of the desired manifestation and how it blesses you. not on need or greed or lack or longing .
When you have clarified your goals as much as you can be specific but leave the universe room to bring you something better, being too narrowly focused can impede the flow. Don't obsess, form your intention to manifest what you plan to call into your life , Love, Money, success, Happiness, whatever good thing. then having made the intention with whatever ritual, mental affirmation, programmed crystal or other system , let it go, release the intention to the Universe and Source And Know that it Is so . Trust that the opportunities for fulfillment are absolute and that they will come to you the path is open . be alert for its arrival but have no worry, what you have called will come.

It is good to have a strong closing to end your program or other work affirming that the work is finished and will be fulfilled.
A Huna procedure usually is ended with "Amama", or "Let the rain of blessings fall" which is almost identical to a closing used by some Buddhist groups "U mandera Ke" " flowers of blessing fall like rain".  You probably have a closing that fits with your own path and practices Be it "Amen", or "So mote it Be " or some other attention and finish

Please share your experiences, tips and information about manifesting /affirmations /prayers /programs and what works for you with others.

Peggy Jentoft  
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